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I have dealt with a few young people in the last few years and I must say that it is very important for us to reintroduce INTEGRITY AS A BRAND in every kind of business that we are doing. It is not only disheartening to note that there are only a few young people who stick to their business promises, it is also very discouraging to realize that some of them seem not to care so much about how their inefficiencies affect your integrity in situations where there are third party business associates.
We cannot expect business to thrive in an atmosphere of deceit and greed which constantly works against those who are willing to do business with us. I need to also clarify a few issues here that I refer to when talking about lack of integrity in business. Some of those situations include:
-You were given a job and you were paid but you refused to do the job.
-You have started a job for which you were paid but refused to finish it.
-When you under deliver compared to your promises in terms of service or product quality.
-Using inferior materials compared to what you quoted to maximize profit
-Running after your clients or customer only when you have not been paid
-Doing a job anyhow because you know your client does not know so much about it.
These and many more issues come up in the day to day interactions with some people who are in business today and they expect to succeed by doing business this way. If we fail to reintroduce integrity as a strong brand in business then we may be in for a serious trouble.
If the truth will be told, it is lack of integrity of integrity that has gotten so many developing nations into the mess they are in at the moment. The is so true because most of those nations have enough money to build a strong economy but its leaders are only interested in their pockets because they have nothing in their heads.
Why will a nation have the same problem for more than 20 years and this problem is something that can be fixed with money and expertise? There is already a part of the bigger nation creeping into the individuals doing business and the big corruption we are talking about in several nations is exactly what some business people are involved in today. This may not be a real surprise since the leaders of the nation emerged from the same society.
I am so disappointed that we have too many young people today who, accidentally are clamouring for a new nation but, are not doing the right things in the small businesses they are running and in some other personal dealings with people. There is no other time for us to make noise than now. If we do not cry out, stop young men and women without integrity from doing business and take a stand with integrity as a strong brand today, we will have a bigger mess in our hands when compared to what we currently have.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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