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Some goals can be achieved accidentally and a few others require some efforts to achieve. However, if you want to constantly hit your goals, you need to be intentional about your goals, the goal setting process, the review, feedback request and implementation.

No one in life achieves anything great accidentally. They set out intentionally to get something really big done. When they started, they had a clear plan. They spoke to people about the plans and got feedback even before starting out on the plans. When constructive criticisms were given on the plans, they made the necessary adjustment and went back to the drawing board to see the strategy for implementation.

Success isn’t going to happen overnight. Hoping to be rich isn’t a strategy for wealth. There may have been a few people in life who didn’t plan to be rich and somehow, they became rich. A few others hoped to be rich and they eventually became rich. You will agree with me that these categories of people may sometimes squander the wealth since they didn’t build deliberate strategy to get the wealth. Only a people can sustain wealth that was stumbled upon accidentally without a prior plan.

The case is often different with people who learnt the proper way to save, withdraw for the purpose of investment and also invest in the right places. It is different with those who took financial literacy seriously and mastered how to make, manage and multiply money.

Why is that? They learnt a process to make wealth happen and even if they lose the money, they can rebuild the wealth. Those who stumble on wealth aren’t able to rebuild it when they lose everything.

Following that example with wealth, you need to see how pivotal it is to be intentional about your goals. When certain things happen for you, you aren’t surprised because that was what you planned. That’s exactly what you wanted. That’s how you wanted it to pan out.

The kind of career you’re in today isn’t an accidental one. It was well thought out. The business you’re doing shouldn’t be an accidental one that you got into just because a friend is doing the same thing. This should be a business that came into being because you got the idea to solve a problem that exists somewhere.

To be intentional about your goals, you need ask yourself a few questions and ensure you answer the questions correctly. When you do, you can be sure that your implementation of the goals will be intentional as well. The questions are:

  1. Why did you set this goal?
  2. What will be the driving force to make this goal a reality?
  3. What problem will the execution of this goal solve?
  4. How does this goal align with my fulfillment in life?
  5. Who are the most critical people to the achievement of this goal?
  6. Who do I account to regarding this goal to ensure that I am making progress?
  7. When, how often and with whom do I review this goal?

This may look a bit tedious for some people but if you take your time to go through this process on your main goals in life, you will become an intentional goal getter and will be able to set and hit your goals.

Regardless of the process put in place, some goals are harder to achieve than others. Even with proven processes, you will still have issues with some goals so it is important to keep your mind open and ensure that you learn with every process in order to make great things happen.

Remember, you have to be intentional with your goals. Great goals don’t just happen. Intentional people make them happen!

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