Internal and External Perception | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

With this you will understand why a lot of people buy perception rather than the main product or the service that you expect them to buy. Or you may say why they want the perception before the product itself. I have been thinking about this for a while now and when we pay attention to these details, you will also understand how it works.
Let’s start with internal perception. My idea of internal perception is what I think about the product and how I feel when I take the product because I want to use it. There will be certain things running through my mind. There must be something I expect to get from the product or what the product will give me.
Whatever my imagination is about the product or service you want to sell to me is my internal perception. At that point, I am thinking about the product or service because of myself or the things I want to do.
The other one is what I call the external perception which also greatly influences why perception is very important to people. My idea of external perception is what this product of service makes me look like in front of other people. When I buy this phone instead of that other one, there is a way people think about me. When I use the latest gadget instead of the old ones, maybe I am given a better perception. When I drive a new model of car instead of the one that’s been around for a really long time, people look at me and give me some respect.
Now bearing in mind that the person is thinking about what others are going to think of him, you will understand that he’s buying into your service or product not necessarily because he needs a new one so badly but because of how he’s perceived externally. Isn’t that what so many people do? They buy something because they don’t want to be left out or feel they are not in vogue.
When you now need to engage people like this it will make sense for you to see how they think and what they are thinking about before you go to them. Perception is important to people regardless of who they are and where they come from.
Perception is why we prefer to go to one school over the other. Sometimes perception is the reason we prefer to work in one place and not the other. Perception is what makes me go extra mile and pay more for something even though I know where to get it cheaper.
Everyone enjoys a level of appreciation. What that means is that you cannot expect people not to enjoy the attention they get when they have something that stands out. Armed with this knowledge, you now need to proffer something in that regard.
I can simply say that you have to cash in on the perception advantage to get productive. You cannot just be doing business blindly. I have seen people who know they can get a better bargain with some other people but they will not go to those people. They prefer to go to those expensive folks. They know those guys are expensive. They know they may need to pay twice as much as you are probably asking them to pay. They also know that what they are paying heavily for may not necessarily be better than what you are offering.
The reason they still go for that perception should be clear to you by now. Some people want that other guy because he is known all over the place. They think that he has become the signature of excellence in that industry where he plays.
You also have to take your game up. Work around your perception. Let people feel they are getting a lot of value (in their internal perception) and that it also presents them in a better light (for their external perception) when they do business with you.
There is something some people already know and others are struggling with. In business you will always have to deal with perception. If you can’t deal with perception and incorporate it excellently well, you may be on your way out of business. While the business may not only be about perception, the perception of the business can keep the business in business!

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