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One of the most important things to us as human beings is to succeed and we wake up on daily basis trying to do just that. As we pursue the success that we desire, we sometimes come across those who seem to have it already and in that moment, some will be awe struck and some become filled with envy. It is very possible that you see the success of other people and it begins to intimidate you because you know that you desire some of these things that these people are flaunting but you don’t have them right now. Somehow, I think it is normal to get a feeling when you see people who have succeeded but what we should never do is to allow their success intimidate us. Never allow the success of other people intimidate you in anyway and for any reason.
It may look like some other people have the privileges that you do not have and they have gone on to succeed at a rate you can’t possibly imagine. I would want you to remember that in life, there is room for overtaking. Some cars can speed past you on the road but it does not mean that they will get to their destination before you. They may just get stuck somewhere along the line and while they are stuck, you are closing up the gap. In some other cases, they may not be stuck! They may still be driving very fast and you will just gather more momentum and still close up the huge gap. I have seen this happen severally when I am driving and it always occurs to me that it happens as well in life. People may be ahead of you today but you still have a chance to be their leader tomorrow.
When you see someone who has succeeded the way you would like to succeed, I think that one of the most important things you can try to do is to get close to the person so that you can learn from the person. If the person is a lot older then you may just request some form of mentoring so that you can know what to do and you will make your own journey easier in life. Rather than being intimidated by the success of other people, we should choose to learn from them. Let’s find out what they are doing right and what principles work for them that we don’t know about.
If you are too busy being intimidated, you will at some point turn the intimidation into envy. From envy you will graduate to cheap blackmail or something else. One of the things I have learnt from the great coaches that I have is to always make sure I never speak any evil of those who are succeeding. There are some people who have a problem with their mindset and cannot understand why other people are succeeding and they are not. Unfortunately, when they see other people succeeding they conclude that those people have some hidden secrets! When they see a rich man they believe the rich man must have stolen to be that wealthy or that the rich man has done some rituals. When they see a successful lady, they believe that the lady must be sleeping around with men to have gained quick promotion and has now become a senior executive. You can’t succeed by believing that everyone who has succeeded is doing something wrong that you have not done!
The best anyone who wants to succeed can do is to learn from those who have already succeeded instead of being intimidated by the success of other people. The next time you see a successful person, ask to be their friend. Tell them you would like to learn from them. Watch them closely and find out what works for them. When you find out what works, apply it to your own situation and very soon, people will also start coming to you to ask you how you did it!
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