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Your skills may be good but your appearance may get you in the door first. Without getting in the door, there’s no way to show your skills. Many people erroneously believe that their skills should suffice for a door to open. I must confess that I was like that for a while. I also hid under the guise of being a simple person who just wanted to be seen as that until it hit me.

People will not give you a chance in many cases if they do not like your appearance. It doesn’t matter how gifted you are, if there’s an issue with your appearance there will be some form of resistance to your gifts.

What you put into your appearance, within a reasonable limit and the confines of your resources, is indeed an investment. You have to ensure you look good and work on appearing neat, presentable, and approachable all the time. If you haven’t cared much about your appearance before, you have no idea how much you may have lost from people. Just touch up your appearance (including personal grooming) and you’ll see a major difference.

In Bible times, Joseph was a prisoner that the king needed badly for the interpretation of a dream. It was the king who needed Joseph but upon the invitation of the king, the first thing Joseph did was shave. He was coming from prison but didn’t show up like a prisoner.

Many people, though coming from prison, will always show up as a prisoner with the intention to whip up sentiments. You need to understand that prisoners are not pitied in the palace. They are resented and in most cases will never be granted access into the kingdom.

Dress like where you’re going to and not where you’re coming from. When you’re going to bed, you don’t dress like you’re going out. You dress like you’re going to bed. When you’re also going out, you dress according to the outing and not as though you’re going to bed.

What you carefully or deliberately spend on your appearance is an investment and not just another money down the drain. You need to, depending on where you think you’re going in life, meticulously invest in your appearance. I use the word ‘invest’ because that is what it is. Don’t let it be too late before you find out the need to do so.

Even when you don’t have a lot of clothes, look good in the few that you have. Look presentable in whatever you have. If you’re not very good at pressing your clothes or washing and all that, send the clothes to the laundry. Have someone take care of it and make sure when you’re ready to go out, you have something that makes you look nice.

One of the other reasons you need to take care of your appearance is the fact that you’re not the only person with skill. If there are others with similar skills, the people who need to make a choice are likely to choose the other person. It doesn’t help with your skill set isn’t too far apart.

You may stand a better chance in some cases if you’re more skilled than most of your contemporaries but it is still not helpful when you don’t appear neat and presentable always.

There are those who will want to give you some jobs or businesses and they will determine who gets what on the basis of appearance before they determine many other things.

Some people work with others just because they like them and one of the reasons they like people is because of their appearance. If you don’t stand a chance with appearance then you’re already losing jobs or businesses. There are those who show up for job interviews and they lose the interview not because they aren’t good or prepared enough for the interview. They lose the job solely because of appearance.

You may not believe it but appearances can open doors faster than skills in some cases. Once it’s not up to you, take care of your appearance while being fully ready with your skills.

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