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If there is any popular myth about entrepreneurship, I think one of them is the myth called freedom. So many people want to start their own businesses because they say it affords them the freedom they need. What exactly do they call freedom? They think their own businesses will allow them more time to do so many other things that they want to do and they can go to wherever they feel like going at any time.
People tend to easily forget that when they work for other people, they have guaranteed salaries and they are probably not under pressure as to getting their salaries. It may be a particular department that may be under pressure as to paying salaries and it may also be the owner of the business that is under that pressure.
When some people eventually venture into their own business and see how things are run, a few people realize that if you have to spend more time on your own business than you thought it would need. If you worked from 8 to 5 on another person’s business, yours would have to take more time. You have to work around the clock. You need clients. There are proposals to write. You have deadlines to meet and if you don’t satisfy the current clients you may never get new ones.
Just as you are thinking about all of these you are probably also thinking about an office space. You have to think about the cost of the office and the furniture that will be in the office. Then there will be bills to pay. Because you can’t always stay there by yourself you will need staff and you will also start paying salaries.
If you are ever going to run a business of your own, you should not get the impression that entrepreneurship is about having more time on your hand. While it may be totally true that you can now control your time, it may not really mean that you have more time. You have to be on top of the situation at all times if not, you will soon be out of business.
You may have more time if you are not thinking about building a business that will become a large organisation. That way you can take it cool and not stress yourself out. If you are not thinking about a business that will become really big that you can hand over to your children then you may not spend more time on your business.
I think that one of the reasons small businesses or start fail is the myths that the business owners have absorbed before starting the business. They instantly think that once they start the business they can take all the money from the business. Some of them want to go for all the vacations someone mentions to them and they have forgotten that those other CEOs they see on television or they hear about have actually paid the price before they can start talking about a vacation.
As an entrepreneur, if you are not ready to work your fingers to the bone then you are not ready to build anything that will last. You are just working to feed your mouth and to have a little freedom. That’s the way lazy people work.
Is it that the freedom will not come? The freedom will come at a point when you have obeyed all the rules and you have done all that needs to be done. The business would have been stable and it can run with or without you in there. Even at that time, the real entrepreneurs will be thinking about something else to do and just as they are leaving one business for others to manage, they are already getting into another thing.
If you are therefore looking for freedom, you may want to have a rethink about starting your own business as a way out. That’s also true because as an employee, you don’t worry about company bills or paying people’s salaries. You even get gratuity or pension depending on the organisation that you worked for.
Entrepreneurship is really good but don’t just look at the green grass. Take a look at the manure that the grass had to cope with before becoming that green!   

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