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Have you ever wondered if God is on a very slow motion? Did you at any point wish he could be a lot faster because he seems to be taking too much time? Is your business dragging to much after all the excitement that got your started? Have you been stagnant in your work place or are you in some other kinds of trouble where you desperately need help? I know these things because I have been there and I cannot even say that I am totally out of it. I am still in some positions myself where I wish God could just get on the fast lane or even get on the plane to deliver results to me.
You must remember that when you want things in your own time it may never be the right time. God understands the time more than you do and he knows if there will be consequences for some promotions to arrive faster or later. He is always on the nick of time and he will never delay a second on whatever he is supposed to do. If it’s taking a while for God to come through for you in what you are asking Him to do, maybe you should try to find out why it’s taking some time for Him to answer.
I can tell you emphatically that no matter how much time God seems to be taking, there are two things that will always be right and they are:
1. Timing – When God eventually answers you or responds to your situation, you will be glad that he did at the time that he did it. You will be so happy and understand that it could not have come at a better time. You may be asking for something at a time when it is not so needed but you think it is. But by the time God will deliver it yo will be speechless! Even if what you are asking for is needed urgently and you don’t have it yet, God know just when to bring it in and everyone will agree with you that it’s the right time!
2. Results – Our God is more than the heroic Jack Bauer in the ’24 movie series’ or the series ‘James Bond 007’ While those great producers and actors create a ‘make-belief’ scene that shows you something nearly impossible was achieved, God actually achieves the impossible for us. God always delivers all the outstanding you have been expecting and He will do much more! The book of Ephesians in the Bible says that He is the one who is able to do exceeding, abundantly and above all that we are able to think, ask or imagine. By the time God shows up for you or when he finally answers your requests, you will get much more than you bargained for and you will not be able to explain the results!
When it looks like God is on slow motion, what I can advise you do is to also slow down and reflect on how he showed up for you in the past. Keep making references to the things He did and how he delivered results for you in an inexplicable way. This will strengthen your courage to hold on and your faith to keep believing.
In my own case, I remember how I had one month deadline to raise a certain amount. All the money I was expecting from everywhere or everyone I can imagine was less than half of what I needed to raise. While I was getting closer to the deadline, I almost got worried but somehow things changed. One day, I was looking at all the call cards that I had collected and immediately an idea struck me when I saw one of the cards. I got the idea to write a proposal for that company to send to their clients. Immediately pursued the company to write the proposal for them and my bill was paid on the very last day of my deadline. I believe it was God who dropped the idea on my mind. I believe he led me to those cards and specially called my attention to the company I sent the proposal to out of several cards.
At that time of need, I got what was need and still had balance to be paid. Some weeks later, I got my balance so I was out of trouble and still had something left. Believe me, when it looks like God is slow He is actually working on the background to deliver far more than you expect and at the right time.
Slow down for God!
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