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You may have had so many dreams or so many promises about a better tomorrow. They all sound so beautiful and you want them to happen as soon as possible. When you heard about the promises or you conceived the dreams, you imagined what life would be like if everything went according to what you heard. Your excitement climaxed even though the things you saw have not happened. Now it’s been several years later and it looks like it’s taking too long to happen or you are already doubting if it will happen at all.
Sometimes it can be more frustrating when you know that you have all the skills needed and you are obviously talented. It’s one thing to think that you are talented and it’s another thing when everyone around you acknowledges that you are talented. For years you have been to several places where you thought that your talent will be given a boost. Some people told you they will help you launch out but it turned out that they simply took advantage of you to get their things done. Now you don’t want to trust anyone or any promises again regarding your talent, skills or other professional abilities.
I have been there. I can imagine what it feels like to be talented yet frustrated. It even gets worse when you see some people who are invited as very talented people and you know that you are a lot better than these people. I can imagine how bad you feel when someone gets promoted in the office and you are obviously more hard working or you seem more qualified than the person who was promoted. Sometimes as an entrepreneur you will see people whose ideas are not as impressive or as grand as yours but those other people are getting all the money they need. You have very profitable ideas but no one seems to be helping and you are already thinking maybe it will never happen.
Let me tell you a few things. Although you got so many promises about what will happen for you in the future or you can see that you are so talented and you ought to have better results by now, you should remember that you probably were not told when those will happen. Since you were only told they will happen but not when they will happen, I need to point out that you cannot trash those dreams before they become a reality. Don’t quit before you see them happening. You should not say that since your talent isn’t yielding much you will not do anything with it again. Have you thought about training other people to be able to do what you do so well? That may not be where you are going but you still must be able to pass on you skills to other people probably at a fee so that you can offset some bills.
Please note that for some people, things will happen for them fast and for others it will be a bit slow. It’s like boarding a bus. You may all board a bus at the same spot but it does not mean you are going to the same place. It may also be like boarding a connecting flight. You will not alight from the plane because some people have gotten to their destination except it’s going to be a fairly long stop over. When the plane is ready to go, you continue your journey.
Don’t conclude that things are not working for you or that things are over just because of the way they worked for other people. They may have gotten to their destination but yours is still a few miles away. Some may have also alighted at the wrong destination. Bear that in mind and keep on keeping on until things happen for you because I know they will.
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