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It is true that there is a time for everything but the other question we need to ask and as well answer immediately so that we don’t keep delaying the things that ought to have been done is if there is anything like the perfect timing for the execution of the ideas and the other projects we have on our hands!
Some people have been talking about publishing a book for years but they are still waiting for the perfect timing to publish the book and they still have not found that perfect timing. When you listen to all that they are watching out for before they decided to finally step out you can’t help but be amazed at how people can just hold unto very irrelevant things and attach them to the timing of what they need to accomplish.
I have seen people who kept putting off the establishment of their own businesses until the day they got fired by their employers and they had nothing to work with but still had to start from the scratch! Some of them had the money rolling in but thought they needed to work for more years before they pull out! You can hear some of them saying they are waiting for the perfect timing to pull out for their own business. In the waiting period there are those who never make moves to register the business or write a business plan or proposals in order to have an idea of what they want to get into and also know how to prepare for such!
I have heard about someone who wanted to start a television show but was waiting to have it all before starting the show and there was this other person who did not have it all but had started the show. Years after the person who did not have it all together had started the show we still did not see anything from that other person who was waiting to have it all together. Sometimes people never get anything done just by waiting for the perfect timing!
There are those who are supposed to have been married but their plan is that they must have a car, have a big house to live in and they sometimes mention some other material possessions they are planning to acquire and they think that until they acquire those things they are not ready for marriage! Well on one hand they are right that they are not ready for marriage because if they are ready for marriage then they will understand that there is no such thing as having it all before the marriage. From the day you get married and a woman moves into your house you will realize that you only had those things that make you feel like a ready or complete man but those things that make your woman feel complete are not yet there so you have to start buying all over again! By the time you even finish buying some of those things you planned to buy before getting married and you think you are now ready for marriage, some of those things you bought would have been out dated!
We should never forget that life is in phases and men are in sizes which in this context depicts that things need to be done gradually rather than waiting for the so-called perfect timing before starting anything. For some of the things you would need to achieve in life, the only perfect timing would be your own preparation and when you are truly ready for such things! When we even say we are waiting for the perfect timing to get things done I think I should ask what the indicators are for the perfect timing? How do you know it’s the perfect time? What questions do you raise and have to answer before you know that something is not yet in its perfect timing?
We should never put away the things that we have the capacity to do in the name of perfect timing because if we continue that way we will never get anything done! I believe there is the ideal time to get things done just like a man who is not working should not be talking about marriage but we should not also use what we call perfect timing to limit ourselves in life!
Start small from where you are and grow big because the only perfect timing is that time when you make up your mind to start!
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