Is there really a secret to success? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Over the years I have heard people talk about secrets to success and sometimes I can’t help wondering about those things they call secrets to success! Some have gone ahead to organize very expensive seminars and conferences for those secrets to be shared and some others have also pay millions in different currencies in order to learn those secrets they have so secured just to be shared in the meetings for those who have paid through their noses for them!
Is there really a secret to success? I am still wondering and I honestly do not intend to just achieve some kind of repetition by asking that question again but we should really look around and see that all those things some people call secrets are things that are all around us and they stare us in the face on daily basis! They are things that we sleep with and things that we wake up with! Some of those secrets are the things are come our way as challenges that we refer to as obstacles yet they are the secrets we are looking for and are willing to pay a lot more for from those who claim to have found the secrets to success!
At some point in my life I think I wondered how people used to have a lot of things to write about and I realized that sometimes all I needed to do in order to have more things to write about was to spend some time thinking and at other times just be a little more attentive to the things happening around me! It’s amazing how we can be living in an environment and we are truly oblivious of the things going on in that environment! We have become the dormant occupants of the area and can barely see the things in there that have the capacity to change our lives!
What are those things they call the secrets to success? When you look at them you will realize that they could just be the issues of discipline in our lives and if we are going to be honest with ourselves we will admit that anyone who does not have discipline knows that he or she does not have enough discipline to get him or her to a desired destination!
At some point some began to use the words ‘open secrets’ and I think that those who began to use the words are those who have seen that some of these things are not or were not supposed to be secrets but at some point some of them became secrets because of people’s negligence and people mental laziness! When people are mentally lazy, some others can come up with anything and call them secrets and they have no choice other than to take such things as secrets because they have been mentally lazy!
For anyone who truly wants to succeed, the information required to set you up on the path of purpose and success is really available to you and all you have to do is to be will to search for those things because they things that will change your life are not things you will easily pick on the street! I remember a friend of mine who was once challenged about the fact that it was hard to see her and when the person accused her that they don’t see her easily she said, ‘do you pick diamonds on the streets? You only pick ordinary stones on the street and I am not an ordinary person! I am like the precious stones you have to dig to get.’ It’s also the same for the things that some people have called the secrets to success! They can be found but they will only be found by those who deliberately look for them and are willing to utilize them but more importantly, you honest don’t have to pay through your nose to know the secrets of success so long as you are looking in the right direction for the right information!
Keep searching, keep exploring, keep discovering and don’t ever be too mentally lazy to succeed!

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