Is your job stealing your marriage from you? │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at how human beings work so hard at getting something and then a few months down the line or a few years after, they are already becoming so nonchalant about the same thing they almost paid for through their noses! You can imagine what some people went through before they got married either because of finances or some other challenges but they seem to have forgotten now that they are married. You can also imagine how some people work so hard that they think whoever they are married to should understand that work is important and that it will bring money home!
Well I do not disagree with the fact that it’s your work that brings money home but you also need to know that if your work continues to take the priority over your marriage then you will one they bring that money home to nobody because you will get home and just realize that the people you claim to be working for are all gone! We should not look too far as to the reasons marriages break in these days! All you need to do is to take a look at how people work as if their marriage is nothing and they think that the marriage will be fine so long as they bring money home. Well I know there are a few I-don’t-care spouses who just want the money and nothing more but you can’t continue to expect that your home will waiting for your work before things can run well!
It’s okay to love your job and work very hard and sometimes it will be no fault of yours that you may have to come in late from work but you also, as a matter of necessity, make up for all those times that you are hardly around to be a part of the family and not just a man or woman sleeping with each other under the same roof! It’s easy to pretend that things are going on well and to both declare that you are so busy but you will soon change your tunes when issues begin to unfold! Usually when the issues start unfolding, they will not come from the angle that will help you easily see that it’s your unavailability that started it! You will only know if you have been very observant and have carefully traced where things went wrong!
I remember speaking to a group of bankers and one of the things I told them was that ‘there is life after this banking work.’ You can afford to live like this is all there is to you and let an employer take all your productive years while things are going wrong on the home front! You wife or husband barely sees you and you children have no idea of what proper parenting is! They just do what they presume is right from their wealth of limited knowledge!
Will you save your marriage or continue this unholy and excessively affectionate lust for your job? Watch it! Your home is breaking! I already said that it may not be your fault that you have to be away for a long time but what are you doing to make up for that period when you are away! What’s the communication line like in your marriage? When you get home do you start working on the back log from the office and claim that you are with your spouse at home?
I guess it’s only when some people become retirees and they barely have anywhere to go that they realized they broke their homes without remedy and equally destroyed the children they were supposed to raise because ‘they are busy and don’t want to get fired!’ The greater firing is ahead! It’s when you are done working and if God helps you to live long then you have more than 30 years of just sitting around ahead of you after retiring! That period is also a period when you are supposed to seat back and be taken care of by the children you were supposed to have taken care of but you claimed your job didn’t allow you!
Think on these things! Save your marriage!
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