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We often take time to review so many things going on in our lives but we hardly ever take the time to review how our marriages are doing. While we are reviewing other things and moving on in life, many are neglecting their marriages and the marriages are breaking further.
It seems we have forgotten that there is a part of us that is in that other person. So if something goes wrong with that other person all the progress we have recorded in business and other areas of life may amount to nothing.
You and your spouse need to sit and ask if your marriage is going strong or its beginning to break. This can be hard for a lot of couples to do. I also think it is hard because most have been hiding under the guise of being busy and they are refusing to confront the issues in their marriages.
Days like these present most people the opportunity to run away from home. If you live in very busy cities you get out of the house around 4am or 5am and don’t return until around 10pm or 11pm. This routine continues and has become the perfect escape route for so many couples. At the end of the day, critical issues are left unattended and some of them end up degenerating.
By the time they realize they have not been giving so much attention to their marriages, things may have completely fallen apart. It may just be impossible to put the piece together. You should never let anything crack needless to talk about falling apart and you have to think about mending.
If you maintain the relationship properly you will not have to think about mending the relationship. Take that time and think about how your relationship is going. Be sure that it is going stronger. If it is not going stronger then you have to decide on what to do right now so that you can prevent the danger trying to pop up.
Please remember that it is easier to neglect things continuously. Why is that so? It is because when you neglect it today it does not come with obvious consequences then you continue with the neglect tomorrow. Tomorrow does not show you any consequence then you make it a habit to neglect important things like your marriage until the hidden consequences show up suddenly.
You can’t neglect your marriage and expect no consequences. If you have been doing so you have to get back to it and make amends so that hidden consequences will not show up suddenly. If your husband is not happy about something today, do your nest to fix it. If your wife is not happy about something today, do your best to fix it. When you fix little things consistently you will not have any big issue to deal with.
Don’t take each other for granted. Sometimes married people become too familiar with each other and begin to take each other for granted. We don’t take each other’s words seriously anymore and when important issues are being raised we delay in responding to them if we ever do.
You may be losing that person you are taking for granted today gradually. Don’t lose completely before realizing what you took for granted. Get back to the drawing board to see if you are on course and you are going strong!

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