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There are some who can’t live their dreams daily and the only reason they can’t live their dreams daily is because they are not looking into the future to see what it holds for them. They are always looking into the past and bringing the past to sit in front of them. When you bring the past to sit in front of you, you can’t expect anything to get better. You can’t expect things to change for you.
The reason you will not see hope is not because there is no hope but because you personally cut of the link with hope and all possible expectations with positive happenings. If you have gone into your past to bring past occurrences and put it in front of you then you have sealed a possible relationship with the real future in front of you.
You may have been hurt in the past. Things may have gone really bad. Some people may have disappointed you. You probably lost something so dear to you and you did not expect that to happen when it did. You have tried all that you can and it looks like you will never make it through those past experiences of yours. Was your heart broken by someone you loved so much? Did you suddenly lose a job where you have put in all your best and most of your years? Were you cheated by a business partner and now you are afraid to try business again? Was it that rape issue that is now making you, unconsciously, shut your heart towards all men including the genuinely good ones?
Maybe you are someone who had it all before and something went wrong. Now you can’t imagine that it’s just so difficult for you to feed well and get all the basic things that you need in life. That kind of experience can be very tough. It is frustrating to see the things you used to pay for cheaply and you are now struggling to pay for the same thing. I think that kind of experience can destroy one’s ability to hope, believe and try anything again. But in all of this, so long as you are alive you have to look forward. Your past troubles are not good reasons to bring the past and constantly put it in front of you.
There are those who don’t even know that they have brought their past and have put it in front of them. You just notice that when everyone is talking about what they hope for or what they are passionate about, these set of people keep talking about what they have had, where they have been or what they could have achieved.
The problem with bring the past in front of you all the time is that you willingly cut of the future. So if for whatever reason you just expect to see a different future, nothing will be different because all you will see is the same past that you have brought before you.
Others may try to help you but there will be no head way. Some new and positive relationships will want to come your way but they will always meet brick walls. Opportunities will come knocking at your door but you may be too buried in your past that you can’t hear the knocks of new and genuine opportunity.
Your best bet is to help yourself. Note that no one can bring you out if you don’t help yourself. You need to walk over that past. If it seems too high to climb then walk around it. Just find a way to make sure that you leave it behind and explore the world of new possibilities ahead of you. There is no much more that the future has to offer compared to the past that you are crying about. You are also losing more by letting the past rob you of the future. Severe that tie with the past that will not let you move into the future now and make the most of your life!   
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