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For many of us, we have dreams and ambitions that we want to pursue. We have the wonderful images in our minds regarding what will happen when we are done pursuing those goals. Just when we are about to step out and pursue the images on our minds, we then discuss with some people and they say, ‘it doesn’t sound right.’
That, for a lot of people, is the end of their dreams. They stop thinking about it just because some says it does not sound right. It does not feel cool. They can’t imagine how you are going to get it done. All they picture is what can be done easily. They think your ideas must be logical and can be understood by everyone.
Have you given up on a dream just because it does not sound right to others? Now that’s one of the several ways others people force you into the life you are living now. You want a different life but they get you another template. When you take their template you live with the consequences. While living with the consequences of a life template some people gave you, they will not even help you or act like they know you. So why will you let them crush your dreams with their opinions?
One person or even a million people may feel it does not sound right. And guess what, most things that will eventually turn big enterprises sound sound right when they start. Some people call them foolish. Others they the owners are stupid. They give all sort of names to the activities of those daring enough to do something different.
Don’t expect less from people. They may not approve of what you are doing at inception. They will end up envying you when the results start coming. You are not alone in the adventure of enterprises that don’t sound right. You just might be lonely for a while.
When anyone tells you something does not sound right, tell them it didn’t sound right when two young brothers wanted to put a flying object with human beings in it in the air. In fact, it was the best of experts that said it didn’t sound right. So some experts – people with years of experience or highly revered mentors, pastors and other older family members – that you know may have said what you intend to embark upon does not sound right.
It DOES NOT and I really mean IT DOES NOT have to sound right for you to do it. So long as you are convinced that what you need to do is what you are doing. The bashing may be coming your way now. You may be condemned for trying to do what does not sound right but when your right results start coming, they will have no choice but to admit that they were the ones who did not sound right. You sounded right but they could not see further than just economic realities or challenges.
Remember, it doesn’t have to sound right. Just, follow your heart and bring your dream through your passion to life.
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