It scares me more than death – Fola Daniel

Many people do not like to hear anything pertaining to death so they hate people who talk about death indiscriminately. Hating people who talk about death indiscriminately is not enough to stop anybody from dying but the truth is that there is something that scares me more than death. You would marvel at what scares me more than death and you probably want to ask if anything could be worse than death. If for so many years you have thought there is nothing worse than death I think you should give serious consideration to what I want us to weigh. When I look around I often see people who do not care about what happens when they are dead. They only want to think about what they can get out of life. When you attend a programme you can always think of what to take to your house but the question I have for you is, “To where do you take all the things that you are struggling with here on earth?” The only thing that scares me more than death is not to be remembered for anything after my death. It’s amazing to see people who would walk through the face of the earth without footprints like the serpent moves on the rock without any sign. It is my belief that the one who has something to leave behind is the one who has truly lived. Isn’t it infuriating if the only thing people would remember about you is your name by the time you are gone? I do not like to see people who are just roaming this planet because they have no significant contribution to the society yet they are taking part of the oxygen that the industrious people are supposed to use. You have a choice either to be useful or to be useless to the society. You have a choice either to determine what happens in the society or to be a victim of what happens in the society. You have a choice to make things happen or watch things happen. You have a choice to decide what kind of life to live or to have it decided for you. You have a choice to be emulated by posterity or to be disdained by posterity. Just as we differentiate things with adjective, the contributions of a man to life will stand as the adjective to differentiate him from other men. People wouldn’t keep your name in their heads for so long but they would keep it if it is introduced as, ‘Fola Daniel, the man who touched many lives through his books, ideas and motivational talks.’ A picture must pop up on people’s minds when your name is mentioned. The beauty of a life is the adjective attached to it. The beauty of a name is why it must be remembered by people. The world has potential assets in people but the bitter truth is that a potential asset remains a liability because it costs something to keep until it responds to demands on it. The only thing that looks terrible to me and as well scares me more than death is not to be remembered for anything after my death. As for me that is impossible, what about you?
Fola Daniel A.
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