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If you look back and decide to think about all that has happened for you in the year, you will realize that you may not have hit a jackpot but it wasn’t all bad. There may have been some troubled times but I believe you had some good time too.
When we look only at our troubles, we will never see anything good and what happens eventually is that we miss out on some very important things in life. That is why you need to note that when you are in some situations, the problem is really not the situation you are in but the perception you carry while in the situation.
How you go through things in life are more important than the things you are going through. If you don’t go through them carefully with the proper mind set, you will lose more than you think you are losing. When in the situation what you have lost may seem physical but once you are out of the situation then you may realize that you have some more than the physical things you can count.
Always learn to see the good side of things. There must be something you can be thankful for. No matter how bad it gets there are people who have worse challenges and don’t seem to have any hope of getting out. When you look at those people then you will realize that those things that have not allowed you to look on the bright side of life are minor things
In fact, if you are reading this it is because you are alive. If you are alive and reading this then it is because you have some form of education no matter how small. I am also certain that your eyes are working and that is why you are able to read this. There are those desperately struggling to not lose their sight. You may even be using a pair of glasses but you still have no idea how many people are battling daily just to save their sight.
Beyond some of these things that we often overlook, you have to see that what you dwell on is what you often see. If you dwell on the negative things then you see more of the negative things. If you dwell more on the positive things then you will be attracting more of the positive things in your life.
I can say that life is like your television and the remote is your mind. Whatever you press on your mind is what you see on the screen. If you don’t want to see terrible things don’t turn the channel to that station that shows vampire films from your mind. You can control what you see or what you get when you control what you have within.
Just as you may have been thinking too, I may not have gotten everything I wanted this year but I am still very grateful. If I can see the end of this year then another year means another trailer load of opportunities. You and I may not have eaten the most expensive food from the most expensive hotels but the good news is that we are alive, hale and hearty.
We may have tried a few things that didn’t work but that does not mean we have failed. In fact, we will not give up. What you and I should do is to try harder with a different approach and make it work.
Think again and look at how things have been. It wasn’t all bad even though you may not be where you want to be right now. You really have a choice to either look on the gloomy side of things or on the bright side of things.

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