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Some people go about being so worried because of the things they have not achieved that they would have loved to achieve. Sometimes they don’t realize the reason they have the privilege to worry is because they are still alive. If one is not alive the person will not be able to afford the luxury of worrying.
When you keep thinking about all those things you have not done that your mates have done and the things you don’t have that your mates already have, it is because you are alive that you can think about those things.
There are those who are not alive today and were very comfortable when they were alive. They had it all but today, can they be worrying about anything? No! That’s because they do not have that luxury of worry anymore. They can’t afford it anymore.
I don’t want you to take your privilege of being alive for granted and be spending your energy negatively on things that will not push you further in life. There are certain things you can channel your energy towards and those things will really help you.
Instead of worrying over what you have not achieved or what you have not become, why don’t you start thinking and planning and also praying about what you can do and what you can become? While you are alive, stop worrying about what has not happened and start using your mind to think about what you can do.
Note that because you are still alive, it means that your story can still change. Because you are still alive, you can become all those things you have been thinking about and even go beyond that. Because you are still alive, you can definitely go far beyond anyone can think off.
You have hope even when you think that all hope is lost. The only one whose entire hope is lost is the one who is dead. In fact, if the person who died has not been buried I strongly believe even that person too has hope. That simply means only the person who has died and has been buried is the one that does not have hope again.
It’s important for you to be happy and start using your mind positively rather than worrying with it. When you use your mind negatively (including worrying), you drain yourself of positive energy. When your positive energy is drained, your mind becomes weak and it tilts more towards negativity. Consequently, you start losing more in life instead of achieving more.
There’s no one who goes around in live with a negative attitude and keeps getting everything done. Life itself does not accept negativity. It punishes people for being negative by withholding its good from them and it rewards people who are positive by releasing good to them.
When you are about to start worrying over something, just remember that you have that privilege to worry just because you are alive. So instead of going in that direction, you can even say ‘thank God’ I’m alive so I will use this energy to think and do something right rather than worry.
More importantly, you still have hope for those things you worry about because you are alive. Reduce worry to the least in your life. Live your life well. Be thankful for what you have and be hopeful what you still want.

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