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Whoever named this day Good Friday must have been deep in some kind of thoughts. While that holds true, I also think that it goes beyond just a Good Friday. It is the day that the saviour of the world fulfilled one of the prophecies, and perhaps the most important, about his life.
Let’s not get too carried away in this present day as it has become a norm. We seem to create a festivity out of everything. Now when we think about all the holidays associated with the Christian faith, all that most people ever think about is the fun, the entertainment and the money that they can make in that period.
What exactly is the purpose of this period for us all? We can think about a Good Friday because Jesus came and died for everyone. The reason Jesus came to die is because God had a plan for reconciliation. The Bible says that all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.
In simple terms, it means that we had a contract with God and, unfortunately, we breached the contract. Everything needed for us to benefit from that contract was stated, yet we went against the rules that we were supposed to play by. So we lost everything that we were supposed to get. We lost a relationship with God. We lost security. We lost peace. We lost our divine health and inherited a world of diseases with jaw breaking names. What’s more? Some of the diseases can only be managed until the carrier dies because there is no cure for them.
Despite the fact that we can be referred to as disobedient children, God is too loving and caring to watch us destroy ourselves. He would not let us continue on the path of destruction with no option of being reconciled with Him again.
So we must remember that the reason Jesus came to die is because God wants all human beings to return to him. Our return to him would have been hindered because of our sins. For several years there had been plans to get us back to God. However, the plans were not adequate for the return journey that we needed to make. The blood of goats and other animals were being used to try and bring us back to God. That also had to be done yearly.
Instead of continuing in that pattern, God gave us a real solution that paid the price for once and for all. It means we did not have to bother about sacrificing animals yearly just to reconcile with God. God himself made the right provision through his son and sent him to die. That was the most precious blood shed for you and I.
Since the shedding of that blood, we got unlimited access to God! Have you ever been on the internet and you realize that you have unlimited downloads? No data restrictions and you don’t have to limit the sites you are visiting. You can watch all the videos you want to watch and explore new sites. How would you feel? Elated, right? That does not totally describe the feeling of having unlimited access to God.
This one means that you now have life without limit. When we sinned, we got the wages of sin which is death. We got eternal damnation and were to have no part in God’s kingdom again.  Now that Jesus died, the contract that we breached has now been renewed. We can now be legal beneficiaries of what we initially lost.
I think that the most important thing we need to be busy with right now is following the one who paid the ultimate price for us. He paid with his dear life. He died in our place. We are the condemned criminals who should have died. We were conceived in sin. His word even says that if any man says he is without sin then he deceives himself. Again the same word says that there is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus who walk not according to the flesh. Why would the Bible say that? It’s because Christ paid the price we were supposed to pay.
Please remember a day like this for good in your life. This day is not just another holiday. It is a day to remember that someone took your place. You were supposed to be punished for your sins by death but someone has already been punished. The idea was to get you back to God and not to get you into shopping malls for a fun time.
Please let’s all return to God while we still have the chance. God loves us too much and does not want to lose us. He wants a relationship with us and daily asks us to return to him. Would you like to return to God right now by taking the open access offered by Jesus? It’s simple and you can do that right there and now.
The Bible makes us understand that our salvation comes from our confession. All you need to do is to say it and believe it then it is done and you are reconciled with God. I believe that you are ready to be reconciled with God. So here’s what to say:
Dear Lord Jesus, I have come to realize that I am a sinner. In fact, your word says what is man that thou art mindful of him? You love me so much despite my sin, shame and worthlessness. I am truly sorry for all I have done. I am deeply sorry for the sins in my actions and thoughts. Please forgive me. I take the offer of your son on the cross. I realized that he took my place. I now receive your righteousness. Jesus died for me and now I am saved. Thank you Lord for having me in the plan to bring men back to you. From today, I will follow you with all my heart. I will do what your word says I should do. I will be obedient and never go back to sin. Glory to God. I am born again.
Now that was not just a few lines you can brush over. Those lines have power if you said them sincerely. Please note that there are real Bible believing churches around you where the undiluted word of God is being preached. Please join them and continue to grow in the faith. In all that you do, please do not get caught up in religion. Follow God with all your heart.  

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