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One trend that I observed over time is that people get into something today and a few days later, they start saying it is not working. They want to start something today and they expect it to work immediate and yield their desired, and usually unrealistic, expectations. On a closer look, I found that many of those who start those things and give up easily are people who do not really have passion for that thing.
When I open up to people on how long I have been on certain things that I am doing today, they are usually shocked. I have been on some things long enough to say that the millions should be coming in by now. This is where I think a lot of people miss the point.
It is important that what you are doing works but if all you think about is the money or profit from it then you are wasting your time. Beyond anything else, I always tell people to never do what you are not passionate about. If you do something that you do not have the passion for, you will not be able to wait through the process until it becomes a big reality for you.
Unlike what we have today in music, there are so many people so stayed with their music for years before they ever made a million from it. Its the same with business and other ventures except for those who are into shady deals. It is possible that you do certain things and it will look like you hit a jackpot. But we have to be real. That does not happen always.
You will have to be passionate about something to be able to stay with it when it seems to be working and when it does not seem to be working. I think that people in this generation are too quick to conclude that something is not working. And it is my opinion that sometimes, they say it is not working because they got into something they just wanted to make money from and not something they are passionate about.
How do you know a man who is truly passionate about something? When you see someone pouring his heart out into a thing even when the results dont seem to be coming then you have seen passion. When someone knows that what he is about to do may not come with immediate results and still does it then you know that this person has passion.
Some people will then ask, so how do I make money if I am not supposed to focus on money alone in matters concerning my passion? I think that if you desperately need to make money then you need to have something else that you can do to make money. Maybe you can have a regular job or some investment that will bring in money for you. but as far as your passion is concerned, it may bring in money immediately and it may take a while.
So before you get into something and jump out almost immediately to say that it is not working, ask yourself if you have the passion for this thing you are about to do. If you have a real passion for it then you will have the required tenacity to wait through the hard times or period without any obvious results.
I don’t ever teach or write about instant success for any reason. Anyone who does is deceiving you. I also don’t preach that you can instantly make money from whatever you are passionate about. I will always tell you that there is a process. You must be willing to go through that process and if you are not then you are wasting your time so you will keep jumping from one thing to the other and concluding too soon that one thing is not working.
Only the things that you are ready to sweat for, stay with, learn about, put your all into, stay awake at night for and spend everything you have on will work. This is not in any way supposed to encourage mediocrity.
If you are not doing something right you have to check what is wrong and fix it. If you are not doing enough then you have to do that. Don’t say someone has said it may take a while for things to work while you are only celebrating your mediocrity. Get to work and work on the things you are passionate about. Stay on it until it works and use your brain as well as you can. You must be a symbol of excellence at all times.
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  1. Great points Fola. A lot of people still live in utopia when it comes to what it takes to achieve success. Passion is what keeps you going when it gets tough.

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