It’s not your boss’ business to make you rich – Fola Daniel Adelesi

You can become poorer working for someone who is becoming richer even though you think you have been used as a tool to become richer in the business. If you go back to the agreement that you signed with your boss then you will admit that there was no clause that said it was your boss’ responsibility to make you richer because he or she is getting richer.
Do you cringe when you boss decides to buy a brand new car and you are even trying to get a loan from the office? Where you the one the boss even sent to the car dealer when you have not dreamt about buying your first car? Do you go crazy when you know that your boss has just bought a new house in some of the best locations in town while you are struggling to pay your rent? What was your reaction during the last holiday when your boss asked you to book a ticket for him and the entire family so that they would travel abroad while you where still thinking about having enough money for the holidays? How do you reconcile the fact that what you live in is like a slum compared to the boss’ house that you go to nearly every morning to help with whatever he or she wants to do?
The human nature has the tendency to say that “these rich people are wicked” but remember your boss did not sign an agreement to make you a richer person! When you get an employment offer from anyone you would have to remember the fact that the person’s primary responsibility is to provide the working tools for you to his business! Apart from providing working tools for you to do his business he or she will provide the enabling environment but everything in the agreement regarding the boss’ responsibility is about providing what to work with and paying you for the job if it is done at the end of the day!
Your boss may choose to be nice to you but that’s a personal thing. If your boss decides to give you some extra cash apart from what he or she agreed to pay you then you know that’s a personal thing. If you get some Christmas bonus you will have to be content with it because you really know that you both did not have that in your agreement. Does this mean I can’t be rich working for someone else? Oh, I think you can be rich working for someone else!
If you will ever become rich working for someone else you must see the fact that it is not your boss’ responsibility to prosper you. It is your responsibility to help yourself become rich and you must take that responsibility. Once that first step has been taken then you have to see your salary has a leverage for the other things that you need to do instead of hoping that it will always be increased and you will have more money to buy better things. Most of the people who became rich while working for someone else where people who definitely had some other ideas or projects they were working on. They also see their salaries as the leverage they need and when they collect their salary they set some apart for the new project or idea they are working on personally.
Some of the people who have also become rich while working for other people understand the fact that they will not become rich by being angry with the boss. If your boss is truly rich you have to learn from your boss. If you can allow your rich boss to mentor you then you are also on your way to becoming rich. Sometimes the truth is that the boss who realizes that you are willing to be a protégé and not just a salary earner will be nicer to you than other salary earners in the same office. You will never learn from the person that you detest especially when you have the mindset of someone who is being used to achieve personal means.
Looking what your boss is achieving through your “personal efforts” will limit your horizon and you will never see the bigger picture. Instead of learning in the process and building or increasing your capacity for the next level you will most likely be stuck in between trying to make your boss believe that he is wicked and that he should be nice to you.
Here are the lessons in simple lines:
1.) You will never become rich thinking that your boss should prosper you.
2.) The agreement you had with your boss was a salary!
3.) If you focus on immediate returns you will never learn why your boss keeps making money!
4.) To get more from your boss, maybe not financially, you should be a protégé, and a sincere one at least!
5.) Make your salary a leverage and not your ultimate
6.) When your boss seems to prosper more please admit that you are not a business associate or business partner who feels cheated. Just take his prosperity has a challenge by using his highest achievements now as your smallest goals for the future!
Once your boss is paying your salary as agreed then you have no right to be angry because you will only be bitter against someone who does not even know. The person will live a better life and your own problems will go from being physically to being emotional because you will now be bitter and your bitterness cannot remove one penny from the company’s account! That is to tell you your boss is not responsible for your wealth, you are!
Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

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