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I am sure that many of you, just like me, really want to be great in life. We all want to make amazing impact. It will be nice for us to get to that level where our names are mentioned and everyone around turns. They feel like they know us. They want to be associated with the greatness in us.
You need to be rest assured that it is not hard for that kind of scenerio to play out sometimes in the future compared to how hard it is to pay the price for greatness. I have written before on paying the price so this piece takes a different dimension on focusing on the goal and not the price.
Why should we focus on the goal and not the price? We have to pay the price but the truth is that if many of us know what price we have to pay to become great, we will run away and never desire greatness. If only you knew exactly how hard things will be just because you signed up for greatness, you probably would have given up before starting anything.
My fellow great wo(man), I have been in situations where I felt like running away. A few times I felt like dying. At some point, though it is really hard to accept, I realized that if I left I would have given up on greatness. I have passed the phases of some of those challenges and just entering into some others.
What I have now decided to do is to focus more on the goals than the price. I realized that when my eyes are on the price I easily think about giving up but when my eyes are on the goals I think about forging ahead.
If you have been to prison before and suddenly God says you will become the President but you have to go back to prison and for a longer term, some will run away. They will ask God to hold unto his position. Those who have not been there may think its nothing. Maybe a few others who know what it is will still be able to go through it. When you accept such terms, you and I know that your focus all through the sentence will be on becoming the president.
That means your focus is on the goal – becoming president – and not the price – to return to prison for a longer term. I should also say it will not be so easy to only focus on the goals. Distractions will come to make you focus more on the price than on the goals.
You will be tempted to think more about how hard things are right now instead of thinking about how great and rewarding the price will be. Please gather all the strength that you have. Bring yourself to thinking more about the goals and where you want to be rather than the challenges on the way to getting there.
So long as you think the goals are worth it then you should face the goals and move on so that the price will not discourage you and draw you back. I’ll see you in the greatness room.
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