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You and I both know that there is no way living from pay cheque to pay cheque will give you any real form of financial independence and it is important for you to work hard at gaining your financial intelligence that will in turn lead to financial independence! I know you have a job but you are ‘Just Over Broke!’ That’s what J.O.B means!
You may be surprised to hear that you are just over broke and you are thinking about the job you already have which seems to be paying well but the question really is, ‘how long can you survive without your present job if anything happens and you lose the job?’ Can you survive 1 year, 6 months, 3 months or just 1 month? You need to be real with yourself and I think that most of the people who are working today will not be able to survive 3 months without having to consider begging or something similar if they lose their jobs.
While working and earning something regularly you have to diversify income into something else that will help you make some passive income. Let your money work for you and don’t just keep working for money all your life. There are so many people who spend all their productive years working for money and when they retire they still consider working in order to make a living. It is a different thing when someone is retired and considers working just to be engaged in something productive compared to when you are actually working to make money so you can survive. There are too many people who are not putting a portion of what they earn into another thing that can be a source of income and will grow into wealth for them to fall back on in their retirement age.
It’s even possible that some people have been telling you about some opportunities around you but you have been ignoring those opportunities! I think it is time for you to begin to consider those opportunities. It is not a fair thing you are doing to yourself by waking up so early and returning to bed late as a young person and you still have to do that in your old age! The reason some people are doing that right now is because they earn from January to November and spend everything in December. Many of those who have jobs are just working for others! When you for for 30 or 31 days for your employer, you collect salary and distribute to other channels that have been waiting for you since the beginning of the month! You work hard to pay cable TV’s subscription, smart phones’ subscription, pay for internet, pay for gas, pay the domestic staff in your house and leave some money that will be enough to help you get to work for the following month! How much are you actually saving up for investment or how much comes to you at the end of the day!
I guess you will only realize that you are ‘just over broke’ when you take a look at what you earn and how you spend more than half of it paying bills. Stop being ‘Just Over Broke.’ Earn, save, invest and earn far more than you are working for on daily basis. I also encourage you to create jobs!
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  1. I agree with you that it’s good to work, save, diversify to create more wealth for the retiring age or so called rainy day.
    However how do you deal with a situation in this country where Demand is Greater than supply? When as they say water pass Gari.? When Graduates are struggling for driving job at Dangote. When interior minister collects money from over a million jobless people for less than a thousand spaces.
    Even Banks that declare huge profits, small dividend are down sizing?
    My bro. It’s sad, that your Take Home Pay can’t Take you Home. God must send a Divine Deliverer, Just and Equitable.
    Thanks. Austin Ukaiwe

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