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There are still so many parts of the world where too many people feel inferior not for any other thing but for the kind of job they are doing. They feel they are not important or that other people treat them as not important and that has badly dented their image or self confidence. From time to time you hear people lamenting and also in a way wishing for some miracle to happen so that they can experience a transition from their current jobs and suddenly become the big boss. A lot of office or facility cleaners go about their jobs feeling inferior. Some drivers cannot walk with their heads high and some office assistants too are always very sad. I also know about people working in organizations who are on contract and they can barely look up and talk to other people confidently. They think that the issue is about the way other people are treating them or it is because they have been less privileged in life. I may not have mentioned the kind of job that you do but you may be secretly feeling ashamed about the job that you are doing or feeling so lowly because that’s what other people think of you. I dare say that the problem is not the perception of those people what your own attitude to life!
You can be a nanny, a cook, a driver, typist, security officer, janitor, store keeper, waiter, ticket officer or any other one considered to be menial or lowly. The issue is not the job or how others treat you on the job but your own attitude towards the job. I remember a story as shared by one of my pastors. He talked about a man called John James who was an office assistant in a company where he once worked. This John James would work in the early hours of the day and then take a break until it is almost time to close. He was not the only office assistant in the company at the time but others would hang around during their break and people would send them on unnecessary errands. While those ones wasted their time, John would be away during his break mending shoes somewhere else and also making extra income for himself. This went on for a while and before people knew it, John returned to the office one day to say he was resigning. He had developed his shoe mending business well enough to rent a shop in an eye brow area where he mended shoes for people who are well to do. John could have been hanging around and blaming other people who worked in the organization for the way they treated him or talked to him. He never did that. He had a different attitude to work. He was bent on making something out of his life and not have his emotions subject to the beck and call of someone else.
A fresh case is the organization where I recently resigned from. There were about two major support staff and one other office assistant. I noticed that there was one young man among the three who, while working as an office assistant, was still schooling and also doing a dry cleaning business. Schooling will give him more chances in the future but one other thing I noticed about him was that he had a cheerful spirit. He was always laughing with everyone and you just would not get tired of relating with him. The others went about feeling like they needed to be treated in a better way and also hoping they had gotten a better chance in life. After I left the organization, there was a major shaking and most of the staff in the company was laid off. This young man simply turned to his dry cleaning business.
The two stories I have related above have one thing in common. Apart from the fact that the two of them were supposedly ‘lowly’ staff in the organizations, they were not people who focused on how people treated them or how they spoke to them. They also did not see themselves as hopeless office assistants who needed the affirmation of other people to know their self worth. They had their confidence regardless of how others felt about their jobs. My major point for now is that others may think that you have a lowly job. The most important thing is that you have a job that you are being paid for and it s a legitimate job. That’s what we call dignity of labour. You are not cheating or lying or stealing to make a living! You work and get paid. You have to be happy about that and keep your head high. Walk tall and let no one talk down on you because they think they have a better job and a better pay package.
Stop for a moment, think about your confidence level and ask yourself why you have allowed your job to take your confidence? Take your confidence back. Walk tall without being proud or arrogant but never let others look down on you for the job you have chosen to do! It is your choice!
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