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For many who are still looking out for job security, they just may waste too much time before facing the hard reality that job security has relocated to an unknown destination. And to begin a search for job security might be an exercise in futility. Come to this reality and look for another person who is available rather than the one who is not available anymore.
There are so many people who have what it takes to succeed and continuously excel in their chosen field. That’s what they ought to focus on but they are focusing on job security. A few years ago someone was talking to me about a company and how they company give job security because it was a federal government establishment. Few months down the line the federal government sold off the company.
People became scared and the most expected thing happened. Workers were laid off and crises began for some people because they had depended on the job security all their lives. There is nothing they hope for apart from the job that offers them a guaranteed income all their lives till they die.
They think that’s easier so you find people who are highly talented or competent with one thing or the other but they don’t amount to much because they settle for job security rather than taking risks and pouring out the best in themselves.
If you are fresh from school and you are reading this I guess you will want to talk to some people who have been around long enough in the job markets and you will notice that their counsel will be different from the age long counsel of ‘go to school, get a degree and get a good job.’
You need to notice that the only comfortable accommodation for job security is now within you. Job security actually relocated from those other places you were looking up to and moved into you. Whatever kind of security you are looking for is now within you. You can choose to take the security that now lives within you or to keep looking for the one that has relocated.
That thing within you that you have been nursing for a while is the job security you have been looking for. The dreams in your hearts is that job security you really need. The visions you wrote down and the ideas you have been meditating on is all you need to locate job security.
Please understand that if it is not within you then it has no security. Stop chasing shadows all around and place a demand on what is within you. That’s all you need. I used to hear some Yoruba speaking people say that whatever a child will eat on earth came with that child from heaven. I know don’t know how true that is and I think it also depends on the perspective from which you are looking at it. If we are to consider that from this perspective of job security, I will say yes it is true that there is something in you which is enough to give you all the security you need in life.
Again I come to that famous quote that says, ‘you are the master of your fate and you are the captain of your soul.’ That means you are the architect of whatever design your life turns out to be.
Now that you know were job security has relocated to, stop the wild chase that will yield no result and focus on the needful in order to get the desired.

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