“Joseph’s brothers” are around you – Fola Daniel Adelesi

“Joseph’s brothers” has now become a terminology you can use to identify the people who do not believe in your dreams and the people who are trying to pull down your dreams. Some people will not physically pull down your dreams but they will water it down or talk it down into the trash can. They are doing this because they do not have the capacity to envision what you have received as a vision.
Wherever you go in life and I must say that it begins from your home you will find people who cannot understand your dreams. Just like Joseph there were times I spoke in my house and my dad could not understand what I was talking about and he felt I was just talking because of my limited understanding. Sometimes I explain some things to my mum and she just does not see how it will work.
All of the time I am always forced to remember that I am the one who received a vision and nobody is under any obligation to accept my vision. I am the one who is under obligation to make sure that I accomplish my dreams no matter what people say. People will always want to transfer their limitations to you and you must be aware of that. Sometimes when people tell you something will not work and you are trying to find out why it will not work, the only thing they will tell you is that it will not work because they tried it and it did not work.
Don’t ever take that fallacy. It is called fallacy of composition in Philosophy. The concept of this fallacy in this context is for someone to assume that a thing will not work for every other person because it did not work for the first person who tried it. Don’t forget that the first person who tried it and failed at it may have attempted the wrong thing. The person was probably not called to do that thing. If you take the fact that something will not work because someone said it will not, you probably have just taken a word from a person who is in the wrong place and trying to make things right in the wrong place.
Some of the other Joseph’s brothers around you are the people who give you the impression that nothing is good if it is not what they are doing. Somebody wants to talk you into the negligence of your gifts and abilities and make you take up things you are not supposed to be going at all. When you fail at that they will now tell you that you failed because you did not take things serious. They make you persist at doing the wrong things. Don’t forget that the persistence on the wrong job does not make it the right job for you.
There are people in positions who are there so that they can help make things happen for other people but rather than make things happen for other people they will make things terrible for other people. They have forgotten that like Esther, they are in positions for such a time as this – the time when some people will need help, the time when some people will need just a recommendation, the time when some other people will need just a signature to turn their lives around. You should not sit back because Joseph’s brothers are all around you. They will try to talk you out of your dreams but you have the final say.

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