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Everybody’s got potentials but succeeding on potentials alone is mirage! Have you seen anyone who has potentials and that was all they needed to succeed? It doesn’t work that way. If you have potentials and you know it or have been told that you have potentials, you need to get and see how you are going to convert the potentials.
There are too many people who never make a headway in life because they thought they simply would succeed with their potentials. You should understand that potentials are like raw materials in the hands of a merchant who is dealing with end users. End users don’t need raw materials. They need the finished product. When they see raw materials, they recognise them and also know what can be done with them but they weren’t meant to be served raw materials.
If you take crude oil to the streets, it will be useless to the people you’re presenting it to. Some people wouldn’t even know what it is. A few others may know it but those ones still can’t use it. What they need is diesel, petrol (Premium Motor Spirit), kerosene and gas. It is the refined and ready to use products of these raw materials that people can use.
This is also true of your potentials. It is the refined and ready to use products of your potentials that people can engage, appreciate and transact with. Now you may want to know how to refine your potentials.
What you have to do to refine your potentials is to convert those potentials in you to skills, products and services. All three can be useful to other people and can be paid for. Don’t stay on the level of potentials because you’ll not be able to transact anything with anyone.
Go on now and convert your potentials to something useful to others that they are willing to trade with.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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