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I was watching a movie and a part of the story was about a young couple that was really struggling to make things happen for themselves. At some points they just could not make any money in their daily business. One day, the husband came back home with a terrible experience but waited for the wife to share her ordeal.
After listening to thee wife, he concluded that it was all over. He was no longer interested in that line of business and was going to look for something else to do in order to make ends meet. Quickly, the wife interrupted him and began to speak proverbially. In a very persuasive intonation, she made the husband realize that it is not a great idea to start digging a well on a spot, do a little and move on to another spot. After digging a little on a new spot, you will feel tired and then move on to another spot. If you continue like that, you will never succeed at digging any well because the only way to dig a well is to keep digging until you get to the water level.
We must reckon with the fact that it is only when we keep digging that we will get to the water level and we should never stop digging! If you feel the first well is becoming stressful and you want to go for another one then you will get there and experience the same level of stress! How often will you keep working half way and digging wells midway while just wasting efforts! By now you know that the digging of well in this context has to do with your endeavours in life!
I dare say that you also should keep digging your well on one spot because that is a way to concentrate your energy and as well get to the water level faster. When you start something, just as when you begging digging a well, it may not be very encouraging and you may have dire needs to meet. At some points it may look like nothing is working but if you keep at it, you will get to your water level where you will ceaselessly draw water.
You may be doing something that seems not to be working right now but just be sure you are doing the right thing, what you love and you will never regret giving it all you’ve got! There is nothing worth achieving that does not require perseverance! If you will succeed at what you are doing, your tenacity will be tested. Your absolute commitment will be checked. Your sincerity must be proven. Once that is done, you can be sure you are not too far from your water level! Never neglect your past efforts on your well (all of life’s endeavours). If you have stopped, go back to digging and if you have not, continue digging.
Keep digging your well because that’s the only way to get to your water level!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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