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Sometimes you just keep doing so many wonderful things and all these great things you are doing don’t seem to be bringing you any reward at the moment. You have kept on for so long and others are beginning to ask you when your good deeds will yield rewards for you. Some of them have tried to discourage you. They want you to stop because they think it’s not working.
One of the first things you need to note in life is that you are the one to determine when to sow your seeds, how many seeds you sow and for how long you want to continue to sow the seeds. When others determine how long you continue to sow the seeds then they can also determine your harvest.
There are times when people will come around and tell you to stop what you are doing. They know what you are doing is good. They accept you are on the right path but they want you to focus on the rewards alone and not look at the many other good parts of what you are doing.
Some years back I had an opportunity to be on radio. I was not going to be paid but I did not care about the pay. Someone did not let me do it because he felt they were going to use me and not pay me so it’s not worth it. A few years down the line I am back in the same radio station doing some free stuff for them.
Towards the end of 2008 I started doing a television presentation which went on till August 2009. I went on air every week and did not get a dime for doing what I was doing but I focused more on the bigger picture. It was not so convenient for me to do what I was doing. I was spending what I was earning from somewhere else to make those trips. People like seeing me on television and hearing me on radio.
While all of that was going on, there was the debate with the people so close to be about why I should be doing the stuff for free when these people actually have the money to pay. They never saw things from the perspective of ‘take advantage of opportunities even if it appears it’s the other person that needs you. Even though they need you but it will be foolish to walk away knowing there are a million other people who can get the same platform.’
Your generosity may not pay off today but keep doing it. Your skills being offered for free in some places may not pay off today but keep doing it. It may look like you are being used and some people are taking undue advantage of you, keep doing the good things you are doing.
When it is time to reap for the good things you have done, your results will be far more than the efforts you are putting in. I was live on air with a musician some days ago and when we started asking her questions about the tough times, she mentioned how she did free shows for ten years!
I have been speaking for longer than that and I remember vividly some events that I was not eventually paid for even though the organisers promised to pay. A number of the people who invited me made it look so much like they were doing me a favour by asking me to speak in their meetings. These were people who did even have the kind of crowd that an aspiring speaker who crave for but I still went.
Great things don’t become our reality because you have done enough good things. Great things happen for us because we don’t stop doing the good things that we are doing regardless of the distractions from detractors and even loved ones.

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