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There are loads of lessons to learn when driving in different places and under different conditions. If you drive often and pay attention as you drive, you’ll be surprised by how much of life lessons you can pick up during driving. I had a speaking engagement over the weekend and I was going to drive from Lagos to Ogun state. The two hour drive time afforded me another insight that I’d like to share with you.
When I set out in Lagos, the whether was good and there was no cause for concern. Shortly after linking the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, it began to rain heavily. Visibility wasn’t a problem initially but as the rain continued, it became increasingly difficult to continue driving. To make it worse, there were many impatient drivers in the heavy rain.
When trying hard to see ahead, I had to deal with the impatient drivers behind me and beside me. I reached out for a face towel to compliment the efforts of the wiper that was struggling to keep the windshield clear enough. After a while, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue the journey. I thought about stopping for a while to allow the rain subside.
I kept looking out for a filling station where I could park for a while but I didn’t find any. With no filling station in sight, I had to keep driving. It was difficult but I had no other option. After a while, something interesting happened. After about 40 kilometres of driving, I got to a place where there was no rain and the ground was completely dry. Wow! It was a huge relief and driving became a lot easier again.
Immediately I got to this new place, I remembered how I had contemplated stopping for a moment to allow the rain subside. If I did, thinking it was raining ahead, I would have been wrong. I could have stopped at a time when it wasn’t ahead only to get on the road at a time when it would be raining ahead.
This has a lot to do with what happens in our lives. Sometimes the road in life looks rough and difficult to navigate. We begin to think about “parking” for a while to allow the rain subside. Sometimes we wait and the rain doesn’t subside.
I’ve thought about this and I want to encourage you to keep driving in life. Keep driving during the rain of life. Keep driving when it looks like the visibility is poor. Don’t think it’s raining everywhere. The road ahead is dry and you can see clearly. You’ll soon get out of that section where the rain is heavy and the visibility is poor. Keep driving.
There are times when we think waiting will solve the problem but waiting just allows the problem to increase. What are you going through in life? Where are you right now in life? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to drive in life? Keep driving because the road ahead is better. You’ll be able to make it to the other side.
Again, don’t park in life – don’t give up. Keep driving because you’ll not only get to the better part of the road, you’ll arrive safely.

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