Keeping the ultimate in mind – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Keeping the ultimate in mind | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
As the months of the year rolls by a lot of people become so happy that they are already seeing more months in the year. Some people for some other reasons are just happy that the year is running a little faster than they expected and other s are wishing it would even run faster.
For some other people they want things to run fast because they need to get married and others want things to run fast because of their career pursuit. In all of these, it is important for us to note that these times that we are wishing away are times that will never come back again and we ought to make the most of these times. We are looking forward to times that have not come and we spend the most of the time that we have thinking about the time that has not come.
If anybody is going to have a meaningful life, it is very important to think about the future and plan for it but the way to go about it is not to spend the whole of today waiting for the new day that we are expecting. There are things that ought to be done today and there are things we cannot push into the future because they are the prerequisite for the future we are looking forward to.
Instead of just celebrating the days and the months as they roll by, why dont we take a notepad and have a review of the days we have been privileged to witness? How did they go and how did we maximize the time we had in those days?
One amazing thing about life is that those who do not commit to their plans and work them out on daily basis will always look forward to a future they desire and when tomorrow comes they keep looking back into the past that they did not maximize! Dont let you life be like this. All you have is now even though you believe that you will see tomorrow. You must come to terms with the fact that what you can work with is not the time you are expecting but the time that you already have. What you will enjoy is not the time you desire but the time you have been given.
The ultimate that we must keep in mind as the time rolls by is what we have set out to achieve in the first place. We will always be thankful to God for the time he has allowed us to have on the face of the earth but I know that He will appreciate us for how much we put into that time. When I was in secondary school I used to see a quotation on the door of one of the offices I visited very often. For a long time I did not understand what the quotation meant but the meaning suddenly dawned on me at some point. The old card board was carrying this quotation, not the hours that count but what you put into it. Upon thorough reflections I realized it was talking about how much we have to show for the time we have had. You can easily say you had six hours to yourself but the bigger thing is about what you did in the six hours!
We are alive not just to count seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years but to contribute our quota and have a checklist for each season or phase of our lives for the things we have contributed. We should have a checklist from which we tick how many people we have impacted and those we have helped to develop a clearer picture of life. We should think about how many people we have fed and how many have gotten an education because of our generosity. We must keep reminding ourselves that our ultimate is not to sit down and celebrate the time rolling away but to put something and make the hour count!
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