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Contrary to popular belief that knowledge is power, my intention this morning is to shock you out of your dogma and help you see thing in a better light! It is important to have knowledge and you need to realize that when you have knowledge and you speak in public, people can tell that you know a lot but apart from being able to tell that you know a lot, people may not be able to help you! In a short while with a few illustrations I should drive home my point neatly to help you understand that you will need more than just knowledge to get the power that most people have attached to it!
Let’s take a look at someone who turns on a laptop and midway into the booting, the laptop requests a password before granting you access to the documents or applications that have been installed! At the point, you remember so well what the password is but you are expecting that somehow, the laptop will just bypass that phase so that you will not have to type the password and still be able to use the system, what do you think will happen? The truth is that you will wait for as long as possible because the laptop will not skip that phase until you type in the password! What can even happen is that the laptop will shut itself down after a while and if there’s power cut, you just might run down the battery and it may be too late by the time you eventually decide to enter the password! It’s not enough to know the password to the laptop, you have to enter the password when it is requested and when you fail to do that then you will never gain access to the system!
Another simple illustration is with a mobile phone! You need to make a phone call to a friend and the phone has been locked with a combination of keys or a required pin! Instead of trying to unlock the phone with the right key combination or entering the right pin you then say, ‘oh I definitely know the pin and key combination’ but you are not entering it! You just want to make a phone call at all cost! You will never be able to make the phone call until you first unlock the phone! The phone does not recognize who knows the password or who does not know it! The phone only responds to whoever enters the right keys! Until you have entered the right keys you will never be able to use the phone!
I can also imagine that someone stands in front of a car with the right keys and you know that the keys in your hands are the right keys to the car but you refuse to use the keys to open the car and you just keep shouting that you have the keys to the car! The car will never open to you just because you have the keys! The car will only open to you if you insert the right keys! There is no point announcing the people that you have the right keys, just insert the keys and we will know that you have the right keys and until you insert the keys, people will not believe that you have the keys and that you know the keys to the car.
The last illustration I will want to use to drive this point home is that of a student who is to write and examination and refuses to put down the correct answers and expects to pass! The teacher’s job is not to assume that you know the answers! They will expect you to put down the answers if you truly know them and by putting down the correct answers, there will be no controversy as what you know but you must remember that you will only be graded based on what you have written and you can only pass if you have written the right answers! Teachers will never give you the pass mark just because they assume that you know the answers.
As simple as these illustrations are you will need to come to terms with the fact that life does not respect you based on what you know that you have not put to use. The only thing that makes you a respected man is the knowledge you have applied in your daily living so you have to wake up and accept that knowledge is not power, it is applied knowledge that is power! If someone is dying around you and you know what to do in order to save the person but you refuse to do it, nobody will celebrate you because of that! In fact, you can be stoned to death if people find out that you know what to do to prevent the person from dying and you did not do it. In some other countries, you can go to jail for that reason even if you were not the person who triggered the death in the first place!
Stop running around with the knowledge that you claim to possess! Start applying it now because applied knowledge is power!
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