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The proof of leadership is not just to be in front of everyone but to be able to point out how many of them you have made better than they were when they came to you. As a leader you will have the responsibility of helping some people make a meaning out of their lives. You would have been made the leader because you have the capacity to turn their lives that would have been a mess into a message.
As you lead, or when you become a leader, your best testimonial will be about the lives that have been radically transformed. If people came to you with nothing in their heads or no hope for their future, they must return with so much to show and a future they can be proud of.
It is not every follower given to you that will be complete. Some of them will be people who don’t know what to do with themselves. There are followers who will be in serious financial debt. A few of them might have marital problems. When you sit down and think about the lives of some of your followers, you will see that there is no way some of them can follow your leading without first dealing with the situations in their lives.
What you need to remember is that you are also like the potter when you are a leader. Let’s remind ourselves what the potter does.
1. He gathers the materials to make the best of pots – You will have to look for everything needed to make the most out of your people.
2. Takes the pot through a making process – Since the potter’s hand is on the pot until it turns out well, you will have to stick to some of your followers until they turn out well. This is usually not as easy as it sounds. It means spending more time and resources with them.
3. Gets the pot ready for use – You have a duty to get your followers ready for use in other places. Some leaders want to train and retain followers. That may work in a corporate organisation but it does not always work like that in other settings. Your real job is to train them and make sure they can fit in anywhere in the world.
4. Fixes broken pots – You will agree with me that some of your followers will be broken by the time they are handed over to you. Most leaders don’t know what to do with broken followers. Some people just throw them away and make use of the people who don’t seem to have any issue. If you continue this way, you will certainly break some of your followers yourself and will soon have no one to lead then you will end up being broken too.
In the Bible times, King David was an example of an amazing leader who understood how to be the potter for the people he was leading. It was said that some people came to meet him in the cave where he was. Those people were in debts and had all sorts of troubles. They were simply defined by the kind of troubles they had. A few chapters later when the same people were being described, the description had changed and they were now being described by their strengths.
The same thing is expected of you as a leader. Followers may come to you will all sorts of issues. By the time you are leaving them as their leader or if they have any reason to leave you, their description should have changed from that of problems to that of providers of solutions.
If you are a leader then you are a potter with the responsibility of making something good out of the lives of those you are leading. If you have no record of those you can point to as the ones you have made, start now and make sure you transform people.

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