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There are some very sensitive responsibilities of leaders that we often leave out when we teach or make efforts to define leadership to people. We tell them about the part of influence and how a leader is expected to take initiatives but we hardly tell them that a leader has the responsibility to inspire. Any leader who cannot inspire will end up being frustrated in leadership. He will not be able to get the people to do things and he will not be happy.
Please note that I am using the word inspire and not ‘bamboozle.’ Sometimes the people want to do things but they will end up doing it based on the inspiration the leader can provide for them. If the leader cannot inspire the people to do what needs to be done then nothing gets done. The inspiring leader mainly gives you the motivation or a reason to do something worthwhile. I am not talking about those who tell you what you are not so that they can get you to do something that benefits them alone.
Once in a while I look back at some of the leaders we celebrate around the world. Regardless of their faith or backgrounds, they all did something so well. They had the ability to inspire others. Now this is not just inspiration but inspiration for a cause. Sometimes for followers to help the leader achieve, there has to be an inspiration from the leader.
Why do you think we still need football coaches on the field when the game is going on? After all the team has been trained and some of the best players have been selected. They already have a formation to play and the team also has a captain. One of the reasons the coach still has to be there is motivation. You will see the very active ones inspiring their players from start to finish.
Do you think it is important for you to inspire your followers? Why should you bother if they are inspired or not? Are you thinking you should just hand them instructions and make sure they do what you have told them to do?
You will be amazed at how much more leaders who inspire achieve compared to the leaders who don’t inspire. When you inspire the people that you lead in any way you can, they feel appreciated. You boost their morale to get things done. They will end up believing in you and once they believe in you, you can also tell them what you want from them.
Every leader should have a goal. If you already have your goal you will also realize that goals just don’t become realities because you have set them. They become realities by working on them with the people that you lead. To work through goals and to achieve them, you have to learn how to inspire the people on the team with you.
One of the greatest disservices any leader can do to himself or herself is to make attempts to lead people who are not inspired. Do not see this as extra work or some unnecessary burden. You will be saving yourself a lot of stress when you inspire your people and then lead them in the right direction.
We need leaders who can inspire. We have to get leaders who can make us see the change they are talking about and buy into the vision. Lead your people but as you lead, make sure you inspire them.

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