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Many of you have heard the famous Bible quotation that says we should not despise the days of little beginning and we have used it to encourage ourselves in so many ways! I have also used it to encourage myself with some of my adventures but recently I began to think about what exactly should not be despised in the days of little beginnings! Some people have made it look like it is just a quotation for people who are just starting out or people whose businesses or activities are still on a small scale!
I just saw in in a different light today and also think that when you have become very successful or even prosperous in everything that you started, you can still be told not to despise the days of little beginnings! That why I thought about the lessons one should remember from the days of little beginnings and how one can use those lessons to even make the current success a bigger one!
There are people who succeed and the moment they become successful, they get carried away by the success and begin to work with the results that they have! You always have to remember that that before the success came, you only had values and principles to work with so how can you dis-regard those values and principles after the success has arrived?
Whatever it took you to succeed will most likely be needed for the success to continue and that’s why you must remember the things that you engaged consciously or unconsciously from the days when you had nothing to show for all that you were doing.
Some of the core values or principles that most people engage in the days of little beginnings are:
Value for relationships
Focus on delivering values
Faith and
You cannot afford to throw away all these things because you have now grown so well in what you are doing!
As much as people tell you not to despise the days of little beginnings so that what you are doing can continue to grow in your hands, I should also tell you not to despise the days of little beginnings and to remember every good thing you practised when you were still trying to grow what you started! Don’t ever think that you have grown so much that you can now do away with those values and principles that got you the growth you are experiencing!
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