Learn to take all the punches | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

You may not be a fighter but one of the important things you will have to do in life is to learn to take all the punches that are coming your way. This is crucial to winning many of the important battles that you will fight on daily basis so long as you are alive.
I recently saw the movie titled Mohammed Ali. It chronicles the life of the great fighter and it shows one of his last fights. There was one of the fights where he didn’t fight like the conventional Ali that everyone knew. It was a completely different fight.
What did he do that was so spectacular in this fight? When he got into the boxing ring, he wasn’t really fighting hard. He was just taking all the punches of the opponent. So many people thought he was going to lose that fight. They had no idea what was happening.
While the audience was scared for him because he was taking all the punches, he was just waiting for the opponent to become weak. As soon as the opponent became tired, he seized the moment and started punching the right places. That way, he wouldn’t have to punch too many times. That is because he was punching an already weak opponent and he was also punching the right places.
Sometimes when people throw punches at you – it could be insult or some other forms of reproach in life, the stuff that life throws that you or the things that you can choose not to go through but are going through because of where you are going to – you should not focus on the punches but wait for the right time to seize the moment.
The most important lesson of that great fight is that you don’t have to be untouchable in order to win. Many of us think that the man who always wins is the man that has never gone down or the man who will get into the boxing ring and throw all the punches alone.
We run around in life with all that wrong impression and we don’t expect to lose any battle or be hit by anyone’s punch. You can win, even when you have been hit by the punch of others but the important thing is for you to learn how to take the punches of life or the punches of other people.
If you don’t learn to take the punches of other people or the punches of life you might be doing yourself a great disservice. You will be losing out on a great lesson in life and may end up not winning the fight that you set out to win.
One more thing you should think of is the marathon race. In a marathon race, the experts understand that you don’t have to start out with your energy. You just keep a steady pace continuously in the race. Others may be ahead of you but they may be exhausted by the time you are close to the end of the race. Once the race is about to finish, that is when you gather all your strength and zoom past those who thought they had left you behind.
Those people who had gone ahead of you in the race may have mocked you. That is part of taking the punches. They may have thought that you were weak and they were strong enough to get ahead. They wouldn’t know that you were just taking their punches and waiting for the right time to throw the right punch.
Learn to take your punches in life and make sure you don’t seize the right opportunity to throw yours so that you can knock your opponents out and win the much needed battles. Go ahead and win because you are indeed capable of winning.

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