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Learning is one of the fastest ways to progress in life but how you learn will determine if that learning will help you progress or retrogress. There are things you learn that are only relevant for a phase and there is what you should see as progressive learning.
Without the mindset that learning is progressive, you will keep learning and assume that what you have learned is final. If you learn something useful today from a place, you need to be prepared to unlearn that same thing when you meet new knowledge.
Learning and unlearning is most critical when you move from one company to the other or when you move from one industry to the other. It is the same when you meet a new person because the knowledge of the other persons you’ve met will not be good enough to relate effectively with the new person. You will learn things in a certain place and half of that may not be useful when you get into a new place.
Sometimes, what you have learned and you thought would be so useful will just be irrelevant. That’s why a lot of graduates find it hard to fit into many workplaces after school. They spend four years in school learning things that may never be needed in the workplace and they may think they have been well equipped.
Anywhere you find yourself in life, just be open to new knowledge. If you are open to new knowledge and flexible enough to adapt new knowledge with what you already know, you will progress easily in life.
It is just so critical to understand that whatever you learn is not fixed. Knowledge changes. Knowledge increases. Knowledge unfolds and you will make a mess of yourself if you just become fixated on a given knowledge and expect it to work everywhere.
In addition to being open to new knowledge to progress, don’t always work with the mindset that your knowledge is superior. When you walk around thinking you have superior knowledge, that itself is ignorance.
Now you understand that to progress you will learn, unlearn and be able to progress.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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