Lessons for young ladies from Michelle Obama | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

For several days now the speech that has been making a lot of waves is the speech by Michelle Obama delivered at the Democratic National Convention. After listening to that electrifying speech, I wanted to say I am not surprised that this is coming from Michelle because Obama would have done a good job training her wife how to deliver great speeches just like him but it was more than that! When I listen to the speech I could feel some sincerity coming from her voice just as if it can be touched but it obviously cannot be touched! After the first time listening to it I began to think about how rough the beginning was for both Michelle and Barack.
In the words of Michelle she said, ‘we were so in love … and so in debt…’ They both were in debt because they had gotten student loans to get an education and she said their combined student loans were more than their mortgage! I am not going to repeat the speech here because it is all over the internet but there are some very important things to draw from the speech especially for young ladies who have just gotten married or who are about to get married.
Some of the lessons I got from it and want to share with you are:
1. It is only a lady who stays with her husband through the thin and thick from the beginning that can tell a family’s story the way Michelle did in front of the entire world. There are certain things you cannot say if you never knew what your husband went through to become who he has become today and that’s one of the reasons you have to decide early enough about loving a man for who he is or what he can offer you. From the way the story was confidently told by Michelle you can tell that he got married to a man who had very little to offer her from inception but she loved him for who he was and the ideals he stood for.
2. The other side of the lesson that I think Michelle successfully passed on to some listeners who were listening carefully was that she reminded the people of who she and her husband were and how far they have come but were not going to let their success get into their heads. I can tell easily that she’s one of the very few women who will not push their husbands when they get a little success to ask for more than what they are getting out of life. She could have easily told her husband that fortune has finally favoured them and this is the time for them to seat and relax!
3. During the presentation I could deduce that as parents, Michelle and Barrack were not going to let the glamour of where they were get in the way of training their children and Michelle said it was a concern for her because she must have really considered the importance of proper training for children. There are so many people today who are not half as busy as Michelle is but they do not have any time for their children and have even forgotten that they have a responsibility to ensure that proper discipline is passed on to their children.
4. For me as a man, I think the most important thing that she did was her ability to sell her husband to the audience again! It is important for everyone who is getting into marriage or who is already married to understand the importance of being able to make people ‘buy into the personality’ of the person you married. I don’t know who came up with the idea of having the prospective first ladies deliver a speech about the man they fell in love with but it was such a good thing to see how Michelle sold her husband to us with a reassuring confidence about Barack’s ideals and concerns for helping people he comes across.
The reason I decided to write on this is not just to let you know that Barack Obama’s wife is equally an orator but to let you know that you cannot just pray that your husband or wife becomes successful one day! You have to prepare for that day when you will be the one defending the values and ideals of your spouse that shot him or her to success! How well do you think you would fair if you were to sell your spouse as Michelle was compelled to do knowing that this is critical to the next success of your spouse?

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