Lessons from my father 1 | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, WCC

As I grew with some other children in the neighbourhood I could only easily think about being born in some big mansions because we all saw movies and wanted to be in those nice looking houses but at some point I could come back to myself and look around to see that the environment had a message for me. Most of the other people around lived in a rented apartment and probably owed a lot for the rented apartment that they lived in because you would occasionally see some funny sights of landlords arguing with tenants.
With each passing day, I began to see that I was not necessarily in the biggest of houses but I was still different. I have not known what it looks like for someone to come to your doorstep from time to time, banging the door and having a slightly hot conversation with the man of the house! I had no idea how the table became filled and the kitchen so busy all the time but I knew so well that all I needed to do was to show up in front of the table and there would be something that was ready to be devoured. As I grew older I began to appreciate some of the things that I enjoyed especially as I see other young people relate their experiences and how difficult it had been for them to get along in life or to be able to pay their school fees and feed easily. Some of them have to keep some jobs and still show up in school in a tough environment such as ours so I began to appreciate the foresight of a father like mine.
My father never had it all together when he was growing. He lost his father at a tender age and he had four other siblings who needed to get an education all by depending on the pause of an uneducated but determined and God fearing woman. I know my grandma tried her best but it was up to her children to chart a course for themselves in life and that was exactly what my father did. I would want to save the story of the struggles for some other time but in all that my father did to give my sister and me good education and keep us in a comfortable house before his death, I saw lessons on being foresighted and how foresight can align your resources to the sight that you have.
I have heard the likes of Sam Adeyemi say, ‘some are in the prison because they have not decided to be anywhere else.’ Some may not be in physical prison but they are imprisoned by their resources and by their lack of foresight. At the end of a phase in their lives they always know that they used to have a lot but all has disappeared and there is nothing to show for it. My father spoke so much like a man who had the all the education you could think about. I can picture him right now talking with some people who have several degrees and he can match them without any stress. He didn’t seem to earn much but he had so much to show for the little that he earned and it was the foresight that he had before the resources came that determined where the resources went to! In my life today, foresight is also beginning to control my resources.

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