Lessons from my father 6 | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, WCC

By now you know that some things are taught and some other things are caught. It is no longer news that I caught a lot of things from my father and one of those things is being accountable to yourself and allowing the documentation in front of you talk some sense into your head.
If you watch my father closely you would observe that he cares so much about keeping records. There was a day he wanted to transfer an old table fan to someone. I guess that table fan is older than I am but he still told the person which file to check in order to get the receipt. The receipt was neatly kept somewhere in a box and it did save that person from police harassment.
After my father died my mother and I were cleaning up his wardrobe when we found a document neatly clipped together under a file box. When I picked it up it was the record of the call cards he had been buying. He had the serial number of the cards written in one column, the denomination of the card and the date the card was loaded on his cell phone. That was a great deal of challenge to me. I didn’t exactly get why someone had to write details of a recharge card and keep it as if it was a document the accountant of the office would request but I began to see some sense in it. A lot of people make frivolous calls and when there are no records of how much you spend calling other people just to say hi or chat with them, you will not know how much you are spending without getting anything in return. I immediately began to watch the way I buy recharge cards and how I used. I asked myself questions to know if what I was spending was worth it or if I was just spending and not sewing a seed for an expected return.
Another thing that really tripped me about his proficiency in accountability was that he had records for every detail you can imagine. As an estate surveyor and manager, he was available when there was need to help some other people make choices in purchasing lands and developing the plots of land. When some people saw how he handled transactions with so much experience, they eventually let him handle their building projects. The simplest way I can describe him here is that he had proofs for every nail that was purchased.
If you want my father to give you an account for the food that we eat or what he spends of fuel or what he has given out to some other people as gifts, he does that so easily. I never went to him to ask questions about what he was doing with the records especially because I knew no one would question him about the records but while thinking about these things, I realized a few things. I found out that anyone who wants to be rich must have a record for what he earns, spends and is also expecting in a given time. I had to come to terms with the fact that when you keep records and review those records, you will see what you are spending money on that you are not supposed to be spending money on. You will also see some areas where you could have spent so little compared to what you spent. Records are like the mirrors of your finances or maybe I should say that your finance is like an invisible being that only your record can help you see and point out where to apply the necessary make up.

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