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To a great extent you will find out that many of the companies that are running today can be referred to as innovations as a result of hunger. Some of them were from the hunger to see things done differently but a lot of them were from the real hunger of daily food. Their CEOs were people who used to be jobless and could not afford to pay their bills and were also pushed to the wall to think about what they could do to make things happen for themselves.
Some people have gone as far as becoming multinational businesses and others are still on the list of leading national businesses in their chosen endeavors. The real focus for now is not how big the businesses have become but in what drove the existence of the company when it started. We have in our society today, people who are just causing more troubles for the nation just because they are hungry and we have some people who have gone into politics because they are hungry and have left many more people hungry. Just as we have that on one side, we also have the people who have decided to do something positively because they were hungry and the positive things they have done have become brands that we identify with today.
Apart from the fact that they have become brands, they have also given people employment and are indirectly feeding other families. If proper structures are put in place, they will continually impact the lives of other people and as well continue to feed people even when they are no longer alive.
I want to charge people, either old or young, to let hunger drive the innovation inside of them rather than allowing hunger drive the potential vices in them. When we are faced with a situation at any time, we all have the strengths to respond in two different ways. We can either respond to the situation with our positive tendencies or respond with our negative tendencies!
I know about people who have said, it was when I was hungry that I began to think about what to do and this idea came to my mind. When I started it there was no real money coming from it but it was going well enough to put food on my table. There is no one who cannot come out with something positive in an extremely difficult situation. The result we are likely to come out with will often be determined by the dominant thoughts in our minds before the situation. If we have always been negative then we will come out negative and if we have always been positive we have stronger chances of coming out positive in the situation.
I want to change you once more, whenever you are hungry, either for food or for change, let that hunger drive some innovations and leave the world a better place than you met it!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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