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Often times when we need help with some things in our lives we quickly run to certain people and they are the ones we always want to talk to about those needs that come up in our lives. While they seem to be very nice to us and they are helping us get things done when we run to them, we unconsciously make them play the role of God in our lives and sometimes those people we run to are the ones who will later humiliate us standing on the ground that we always run to them for help!
I understand that we may have issues in our lives and some of them may be very pressing issues that have to do with feeding or getting a job or even clothing and sometimes it could relate to our health but when we make or give some people around us the permission to play the role of God in our lives then we are not only losing our freedom given to us by God but also making those people that we run to the Lord over our lives.
For those who have constantly run to human beings for help you probably will have an idea of what I am talking about when I refer to losing the freedom given to you by God. I have seen people who will give you things and stand on your neck for giving you things! Sometimes they almost want to determine how you must use what they have given to you and in some other cases they will always be around you in such a way that you become very uncomfortable about those things you have collected from them. There are those who also give you things and begin to broadcast it all around that they have given you something so you almost lose your peace for collecting something from them!
Little wonder it was clearly written in the Bible that ‘the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow’ because God is not the kind of person who blesses you and stands on your neck because of the blessing unlike those who bless you, announce to the world that they blessed you and still want something in return as soon as they see that you are beginning to rise and are in a position to give something back!
How many people have you given your freedom to by letting them play God in your life? Who are those who have taken your dignity away because they are the ones that give you everything and they are always in your face because they gave you what you eat and what you wear or the house you sleep in?
I should say clearly that it is not a bad thing to receive some people because there is no one on this earth that has not received help from other people before! When you were born you didn’t just grow up and became a professional who started earning money and did not need the help of anyone! Someone fed you! Some other people helped you to walk and also learn to talk! Some people trained you in school and as a kid someone was paying the school bills! I should also quickly say to those who are in the habit of giving people things and standing in their faces after giving them things that you need to remember you have also received help before! There’s no way you can be where you are today and in a position to help people if you have not received help so stop making your progress or success look like a miracle that no other human being had a role in!
You should not put your trust in man because men will help you and the whole world will see that you have been helped by men and when God helps you people will begin to wonder how you did it but that’s because when God helps us He does not stand in our face for everyone to see that He helped! He only wants us to acknowledge that He helped us and give him the glory!
To part of a painful point, I may have to say that you need to cut of yourself from some of those people or all of those people who want to play God in your life! God can take care of your bills and when you trust Him he will send those who will help you and never look back to tell anyone that they did!
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