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It was a crazy idea to think about an object that could fly in the air and carry so many people in it. As though that was not enough, they began to think of something that will be a regular means of transportation. That was several years ago before the Wright brothers took the challenge, stuck with their idea, got an object to fly in the air with human beings in it and finally succeeded. Today, there are several airports around the world and millions of people board plains on daily basis. If your idea does not sound realistic to someone, it does not mean it cannot become a reality! You owe your idea a duty to bring it to life and one of the things you must do in order to bring it to life is to never allow anyone ridicule your idea. Let no one talk you into dropping the idea!
Whatever you can dream you can also birth. If you can conceive it you can achieve it regardless of what other people think. Before 1999, it was unheard off that someone will build a fifty thousand (50,000) seater capacity hall. But one man conceived the dream and also thought about making it happen in one year. As if that was not enough, the hall was also to be built without any pillar inside the hall to either support the hall or the roof! As you read this today, the hall seats conveniently in a place called Ota in Ogun State, Nigeria. Meetings have been held in that hall on weekly basis for more than 10 years now and the hall receives nearly 100,000 visitors weekly! That building is in a world of its own that is referred to as Canaan Land and it is called the faith terbanacle, a vision conceived by Dr. David Oyedepo.
There are times you will get some ideas and they will appear crazy to you as well. Even if they do not appear crazy to you, they will be crazy to other people! People may want to ask you to stop thinking about the idea. They will want you to forget it completely and tell you that you are just day dreaming. You don’t have to go with what those people are saying. It is your idea and not theirs. You own your life and the ideas you give a life today may turn your life around tomorrow. If you give up on those ideas just for what other people are saying, you are simply giving up the good life you may have tomorrow. Apart from having a good life, you also miss a great chance to change the lives of other people forever. Every idea is your chance to change the lives of people and you must not miss that!
Not everyone will believe your idea and they have a right not to. But you should not let their unbelief limit what you can do. Rather than trying to prove them wrong and show that you are right, just get to work with your ideas. When your ideas start working, you will need to talk less. The results you show them from you ideas will speak for you and they will be forced to believe you.
There was a time in Nigeria when no one had water packed in sachets. It must have sounded like a crazy idea to do that. Guess what happened when he did it? People trust it. They believed it and thought it must have gone through a thorough processing so they nicknamed it pure water and started buying. What ideas do you have? Do they sound funny? Are people saying your ideas are ridiculous? Well I want to tell you or remind you that someone needs nothing more than that ridiculous idea of yours to survive or make a remarkable difference in their lives.
Just don’t give up on you own ideas because someone does not believe in them and never let them ridicule your ideas! Several years ago, it was a ridiculous idea from Bill Gates to think of having a computer in every home! Today, not only do most homes have a computer, they also have smart phones. Stick with your idea and follow through regardless of who is laughing. They may be mocking today but they will soon seat in an audience that will applaud you when results come!

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