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We were told by most of our integrated science or biology teachers that we have 5 senses. A lot of people take it exactly that way and they only work with those 5 senses without thinking about the fact that there could be a sixth one or even more. At some point some people began to talk about a 6th sense and I had a friend who started a business and gave it that name. I also believe there is a sixth sense apart from your eyes, ears, nose, skin and mouth. The sixth one from my own thoughts is your ‘insight!’ some people may have been referred to as fools and the only reason could be that they did not engage this sixth sense that I call insight!
When you do not engage insights, opportunities may never be seen and sometimes when they are seen they would still be lost! If you want to be productive in life you will always need to engage insight. The Oxford Advanced Learners’ dictionary says that ‘insight is the ability to see and understand the truth about people or situations.’ The key thing I would want to draw from the definition is ‘the ability to see.’ I would also like to redefine insight as ‘the ability to see possibilities or have a clearer picture of people and situations’
Following my own definition with emphasis on ‘the ability to see possibilities,’ will need to understand that you need insight to get things done! You have to see opportunities! You must recognize an opportunity when you see it and only insight can help you recognize one! When you recognize those opportunities you also have to take steps to make them meaningful opportunities for yourself! You may have been expecting that great things will happen in your life but don’t forget that when great things will begin to happen they will start in small ways. The great thing that is about to happen in your life might just start with that phone call you are about to ignore when you have no reason to ignore the call! Sometimes great things may want to come via emails and it may as well end immediately because you postponed reading that mail and responding immediately.
There will always the opportunities around you and all you need is an insight into which one is really your own opportunity that you can maximize. You also need to note that you cannot maximize any opportunity when you have not enhanced the use of your brain and coordination of insights! One way to develop your insight is to use your brain constantly and when you do, your brain will get used to working without you forcing it to work. You can be listening to a conversation just because you do not have any choice. It might be because you are compelled to be in that room at that time but because your brain has been forced to work consistently, your brain can spot an opportunity in a picture or a conversation and insight will open up the opportunities in that picture or conversation. I think that’s also what happens when people use a route regularly and suddenly they see thing that has always been on that road in a different light!
I believe there are so many things around you already that you still have not taken advantage of because you do not have the insight about what you can do with them.
You will need your insight to come alive for you to be more productive so let your insights come alive!
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