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When you truly have a vision it should not be difficult for others to see the vision and the other side to seeing the vision is that it should not be hard for others to understand. You also have to take it a step further by making sure that people can easily catch the vision by their willingness to want to be a part of the vision! I have said you need to let your vision be like flu because you sometimes do not need the permission of anyone who has flu around you to catch the flu! It is very contagious! You will know that your vision has become very clear and very strong when it has become something like flu and it is so contagious that it affects people around you.

It is one thing to be able to communicate your vision so well to other people such that they will buy into the vision and they will say it is a nice vision. They can tell you to carry on with the vision but it is another thing to communicate your vision to people and they just can’t wait to be a part of the vision. In this case I am not talking about people liking the vision or just saying it is a nice vision or a nice concept. I am talking about getting so deep into your own vision that others become so willing to come on the journey with you.

You may have heard all the nice teachings of professional public speakers who talk to you about selling your vision to others or marketing your services but this is also beyond that! A vision that will truly last needs more than people just feeling good with the idea! People have to show interest in the vision and the interest must be backed up with action. Multinationals are built on strong and clearly communicated visions! They don’t just talk about ideas! They talk about ideas in such a way that we begin to see how those ideas affect our lives or help improve on our productive lifestyle.

What I would like you to remember is that there are two different things when you have your own vision that you are convinced about and when you have a vision that others buy into and they want to be a part of it. You also need to remember that before people would show interest in your own vision they would have seen that you are convinced about what you are doing and you obviously have a clear direction regarding where you are going! If you do not know where you are going you should not expect people to come and set the direction for you or help you put your vision in perspectives!

People will like to see that you know what you are doing, you know where you are going, you know what you want and then they may be willing to show you or help you on how to get things done! Work on your vision so well that it will not just be communicated to others but it will outlive you! Don’t just build visions that will last till your dying days! Build trans-generation visions that can impact your world long after you are gone!

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