Letter to my daughter! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Dear JT,
In all the discussions I had with your mum before we got married shortly before our 27th birthdays, we both never talked about living miles apart and probably never thought that work would make that happen as it is today! Being an absentee father who only comes home over the weekend never crossed my mind and if I have to redesign things that will never happen! I want to be there all the time with you and my dear precious First Lady, your mum, and watch you grow as I tease your mum or help with something as little as preparing hot water for bathing, a cup of tea for her so that more milk can flow for you or just picking your tiny cloths for your mum while you are sucking. And of course, picking you up when you cry and sleeping on my chest as you sometimes do till day break!
I have a few wishes. Wishes that could have come to pass if things were different from what they were when you were born. I honestly wish I could offer you a better society than what you have at the moment! While I must say that I have always been a very optimistic person and will continue to be, I can’t hide my feeling about the fact that this does not look like the right kind of place for you to be born in. What I can promise, regardless of the situation, is that you will have a great future and will not be in the daily hustle like it is with many in Lagos who still end up with peanuts or nothing.
For that to happen, I promise never to impose a choice of career on you and your siblings to come or to force you into paid employment which can make you slave out in the name of getting some relevant experience. You will be free to study and course of your choice and decide where and when you want things to happen. I can’t let this happen without any guidance from me and your mum but all the guiding we will be doing will just be to ensure that you don’t get your fingers burnt! I need you to know that the way to go in this time and age especially in this country is to have an entrepreneurial spirit! Maybe this is a letter you will need to read several years from now in order to understand it but you must revisit this letter. More than half of the people living in this part of the country spend the most of their productive life working for other people and half of the money they earn is spent on transportation. The rest goes on food. They just manage to get by on daily basis. At retirement when they no longer have the energy to run around, they sit in chairs of regrets recounting all the things they could have done differently and how wealthy they could have been. If anyone is talking about how wealthy he or she could have been, it is most likely the person is still poor!
Your pathway to wealth is freedom! Freedom with two things! Freedom in your mind and freedom with your time! Whoever controls your time and your mind can either make you rich or leave you poor! The same person is also capable of killing you!
Just do me a favour by start out early in life on the journey of discovery! Discover your passion, purpose and power. Tell me what your dreams are and I’ll do my very best to support you! Just don’t ever grow up with that mindset of going to school so that you can graduate with a good degree and get a good job! It is all a myth! You can set the course of your own life or allow others set it for you! Please choose the former!
First Lady and I love you so much and we love you watch you perform all your stunts! Always remember the words of a loving dad.
See you over the weekend!

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