Leveraging on failures | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

There is always something you can do with failures. That is the beautiful thing about it. Many people think of failure in light of disappointments only and they never see any opportunities in the failures. While they are looking at what they have lost, there are other people making progress and their progress is hinged on the past failures they have experienced.
Leveraging on failures is what people mean when they ask you to turn the lemon that life has given you into lemonade. Something may have been thrown at you so that it will kill you but you can turn that very thing around to the major thing that keeps you alive.
Today when you listen to many inspirational speakers, what do they say? They are either people who have failed before or they know so many other examples of people who have failed. So some people organize a meeting and invite the inspirational speakers to come and share their experiences with you. So they come and you simple pay them so tell you how they failed and how terrible their failures were or how devastating it was for them.
They then end the story by saying ‘but here I am today still standing!’ What have they done with their failures? Nothing too serious! They have simply turned it into a story they can use to inspire people. Apart from being paid to speak they also create products likes CDs, tapes and books that people buy and help them take around the world.
Now the inspirational speakers are typical examples of people leveraging on their failures or their knowledge of other people’s failures to inspire others, keep them going in life until they achieve success and they end up smiling to the bank.
What are you doing with your failures? You can’t just sit and do nothing. Even if you have failed, you have gotten some experiences. What can you convert those experiences to? There must be something you can do with it.
It is time to stop thinking about the times when you failed as wasted years. I do not think that those years are wasted years. I think that they were learning years for you and you really have a choice regarding what to make of those learning years. Are you going to make good use of those learning years or are you going to let it go to waste? Have you ever thought that the things you failed at can be the very things bringing money into your pocket today?
When they bring top executives into some board meetings or company trainings to come and train people, what do they do? They simply use their years of experiences and failures to explain how things can be done and the way forward.
You have a choice today. You can let the failing experience slip by or you can turn it into a profitable venture for yourself. So my golden question for you is, what are you going to do with that ‘experience’ you call failure?

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