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One great habit of those who have ever succeeded or the people we refer to as business tycoons today is that they always understand the need to leverage resources. Simply put, it means to take advantage of what already exists for the things that you intend to achieve. Once you understand how to leverage resources then you are bound to have more than you even bargained for.
What are the resources you can leverage?
1. Your personal time – Everybody has twenty four hours. No one can get more than that but we all can decide how much we get out of it.
2. Other people’s time – Wise or smart business people are leveraging resources by paying for other people’s time. When they pay for other people’s time they gain more time and can do other very important things.
3. Your money – You may think that what you have is little but I dare say that no matter how little it is, you already have enough to get started. Start thinking about what you can do with the little you already have.
4. Other people’s money – If there is anything that Robert Kiyosaki has emphasized so often, it is the use of other people’s money popularly referred to as OPM. One of the ways to leverage other people’s money is to ask them to invest in what you are doing or do business with their money and return the money.
5. Existing platforms – I am sure you know that if you want to go on television or radio today the first thing to think about is not to start your own radio or TV station. You have to consider how you can get on the existing ones and let people know what you have in you. Every field has an existing platform. Think about the existing platforms in your field and work on taking advantage of those ones before creating yours.
6. Abandoned resources – I remember starting my first small office. All I did want to use abandoned resources to create something new. First there was a small room on the ground floor of our apartment that my mother was using. It had ready-made shelves. I had books that I brought back from school and a few other materials in my room. I simply dusted the walls and washed the floor of that abandoned room, brought in my old school books and collections of magazines and inspirational books. In twenty four hours, an office was set! There may be someone around you who has what you need and is no longer using them. Be bold enough to ask and get started with your life. You may know some landlords who have abandoned warehouses. Be bold enough to go and negotiate for that warehouse so you can start your business from there.      
Why should you leverage resources?
1. You save time
2. Leveraging resources will save you some money
3. This will put less stress on you.
4. Your results are supposed to come faster.
5. And you glean on the past efforts and experiences of others.
Save yourself some trouble today. Instead of thinking about how hard it might be to accomplish your very big and intimidating dreams, just think about how you can leverage resources. When you leverage resources, dreams become possible!

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