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Whether you live in a busy city or a distant city from the main hub of your state or country, you’ll agree that it is important to leverage technology. While many agree on leveraging technology, most people really haven’t leveraged it as they should.
With the advancement in tech today, many of us still get on the road for things that can be fixed by staying on the phone, a computer or some other devices. We hit the road for meetings that can be held over the phone via video conferencing. We set out for interviews that we can conduct via video calls and stay in traffic for unnecessarily long hours.
I recently had a meeting with someone and it took me six hours to arrive the destination where I spent less than one hour! After the less than one hour engagement, I had to drive another five hours back home. Now that’s more than 10 hours in a single day that could have been put to other good uses. Even if I didn’t do any other thing, resting would have been more beneficial to me.
You should leverage technology to make the most of your time. If you don’t you’ll be wasting time and precious resources. In addition to that, you will be increasing your chances of falling sick, getting exposed to more road hazards and all. When you spend several hours to attend a short meeting or to sort other issues, you’ll mostly return home exhausted. That means you’ve wasted the rest of the day so before you hit the road, you should ask the following questions:
1. Can I just sort this with phone calls?
2. Can an email resolve this issue?
3. Will I get the desired result through a video call?
I have been to some meetings with clients, and yes they can be difficult, only to realize there was really no need to have insisted on a physical meeting. Change your mindset. When people invite you for meetings, do an assessment and ask yourself if the meeting is really needed. If it is, must it be physical? If it doesn’t have to then opt for any option that technology affords you.
When you do this, you’ll certainly be more productive. You’ll save more time for the most important things and will reduce stress to a great extent. As I said earlier, even if you don’t have urgent reasons to save time from long road trips, consider the fact that you would have been well rested.
Now’s the time to leverage technology for time management.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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