Life as a tournament | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

When you think about life sometimes you need to see it as a tournament because that will help you see it in a better light. Apart from seeing it in a better light you will also be able to stay longer on the paths to your greatness.
In a tournament, for football as an example, you will find situations where a team may lose its first outing and the second outing might be poor as well. By some stroke of luck this team might just scale through the first round into the second. Interestingly, a team that only managed to make it into the second round might come out very strong in the second round and beat most of the teams that it struggled with before. With these successes recorded in the second phase, the team can go on to win the tournament at the end of the day.
This is how life works for many of us, if not all of us. We will have some discouraging outings in life. There are so many things we will get into that may not work out as we expect from inception. It does not mean that those things will not eventually work out but it means we need to keep at it and restrategize.
When you take a look at a team that starts out with poor performance but eventually gets back on its feet, you can tell that the team actually came out with a plan but something went wrong somewhere. If they must stay in the tournament they will take a look at their plan and take a look at what they actually did on the field.
You should also see that you are not a failure just because you lost a few matches. Your ultimate victory in life is determined, first by remaining in the game, and by reworking your plan from time to time.
Life may give you a few blows. It does not mean you have failed. Life may have been unfair to your business and other endeavours but it does not mean you can’t amount to anything in life. You have a long way to go and what happened to you is just one out of a series of opportunities to excel.
Think of yourself as someone having like a billion opportunities. All of the opportunities are lined up before you but you probably lost a few of them when you started. Does that mean there are no other opportunities ahead of you? Or will you give up all the other opportunities just because you lost a few?
You will win some and lose some in life but the great news is that when you eventually start winning, it will be hard to remember those ones that you lost because your victory will be so sweet. I listen to people share their stories and one of the things I also noticed is that the failure is what builds up to the success. You will not find anyone share any success story without dots of failure.
I even remember one of my coaches will always say that he has failed at many more things but people will never know because of the few things he has succeeded at. Now he has succeeded so much that the successes have covered for the failures.
Your own success, when you eventually succeed, will also cover for all the things you have failed at. Don’t think alone about the failures. There are still so many other opportunities ahead of you and I implore you to take advantage of them.
Remember that you may have lost some but you will still win and when you win it will look as though you never lost before!

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