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I think it takes a while for so many people to realize that this life has a lot of battles for you to fight. From the day you were born you are like an enlisted child soldier because of a serious battle going on and you have to be in it for the rest of your life. The only that changes is the fact that you are moved into different regiments as you grow older and gain more experience so you can face a different battle.
Don’t live your life like nothing is happening around you. If you choose not to fight people will run you over. As a child you will find yourself competing for a place in the presence of other children. When you become a teenager you start fighting the battle for identity. As soon as you become a young adult, the battle for social status in the society begins and you have to fight that for the most of your adult life. If you are married with children, your next battle changes to fulfilment over the children as soon as they are grown or they also start having their families.
Most times we think it’s the teenagers that are under pressure but we don’t easily realize how we always work hard or study hard just to beat the other person to something. It does not hit us how we are scheming seriously for wealth because of the neighbour who just bought or built a new house and also got a new car.
While you are still in that, some other people will bring their pressure on you. If you are not ready you will suddenly realize that their problems have actually become your problem and now you are dealing with what someone else should be dealing with.
As you try to succeed some will try to pull you down. It is them they make you think that you are not qualified. They tell you about what you have done wrong in the past and how others who have gone before you have experienced limitations and failures. They just want you to stop trying and accept that nothing works. They are battle ready to make sure that you don’t make any serious effort to succeed. So long as you are comfortable being a mediocre they are happy.
People will try to give you their definition of what your life should be and also make every effort to box you into that picture on their mind. ‘This is who you are,’ they will say. This is what you can do and how far you can go as if they are the ones who created you.
Just as those ones are giving you their definitions, you will also discover that some family members that you trust are already backbiting or backstabbing you. Before you are able to wrap your head around that, you get to the office and realize that someone is already running you down so that he or she can get your position or take over something that you are both qualified for.
Everywhere you turn there is an issue to deal with or someone to confront. There’s always a hard decision to be taken and if not taken quickly, things can be destroyed. You have your own dreams too that are threatened. From time to time you also discover that the people you thought you can trust are people who are trying really hard to fight and pull you down.
Life will always bring one battle or the other from day one to the last day of your life. Now I should assure you that the problem is not the battle. Ultimately, the problem will still be how you are prepared for that battle and how you face each one head on to defeat it.
I believe you can win if you start preparing now and you focus, not on the battle but on what you want out of life. Get ready because life is indeed a battle ground.  
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